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» Interview with Louis Castle

Cheers to Lion again for this. I honestly have no idea what the hell's going on right now community wise, and he's always on top of things. On the Official site, there is an interview with Louis Castle. Here's a part of that because typing blockquote gets me wet:
6) With Generals and now the BfME franchise, EA has established itself as a major player in the RTS market. What could we expect from EA in the next 1-10 years in terms of both a business approach, and in terms of games development?

First, thank you that is a very big statement and we are really proud to be considered an important player in the RTS world. In terms of future plans, EA is 100% committed to the C&C franchise as well as the RTS genre as a whole. Our next steps are to inspire our game makers, challenge them with new concepts and ideas and push the RTS envelope. I feel strongly that this genre of games needs to find a way to make it into an even larger audience, so Im dedicating a great deal of my time to try and make that happen.
Forgive me my ignorance, but does anyone have a clue what RA3's status is? It was January I heard the last word, and well, it's bloody September. It's difficult to bother keeping up with things when nowt's happening.

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