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» Renegade Alert Revived!

Here is some great news for those of you who are fans of the Renegade mod RenAlert, the mod team has decided to revive the project under the direction of Chronojam instead of Aircraftkiller who will be focusing on the mod for Battlefield2. Here is what the announcement had to say:
I know we said, and more specifically I said, that RA would never be revived and that we were going to work solely on the Battlefield 2 project. This isn't the case, and after some careful consideration we've come to the conclusion that working on both projects would help the Battlefield 2 version at the same time.

Chronojam, in addition to being our finely dedicated webmaster, will now be taking on the duties of being Renegade Alert's producer until which time he's unable to continue doing so. He'll be making Renegade Alert updates, instead of myself, and the Game Updates forum will be reopened for new artwork updates.

I still lead the production of Renegade Alert in any case, but he'll be doing the majority of the work this time around and should be able to handle the load nicely. I will be taking care of other duties with RA as time permits.

The 9935 patch will continue, but keep in mind that with a change of leadership things may be different than they were before.

We're also looking to hire qualified individuals experienced in Westwood 3D, the engine that powers Renegade, to help with level setup and vehicle setup. Chronojam will be reviewing the applicants - feel free to apply here in this thread.

To apply, leave your name, your website with some sort of portfolio, your contact information, age, area you live in and e-mail address.


Lead Producer, Red Alert: A Path Beyond
Renegade Alert
If you want to be involved in the mod, contact Aircraftkiller. To keep up to date on the mods progress, check out the RenAlert website.

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