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After a long drought of news here on CNCSeries, I'm here and I've got alot of
community news. Here is the latest from around the C&C community:
  • CNCNZ is wrapping up their 10th anniversary wallpaper contest. If you want to submit a wallpaper for the contest, it must be done before 12pm GMT tomorrow.
  • has a new layout.
  • Imperial Assault has come out with a new release of their mod, V086 which now has it's own installer.
  • The Shockwave mod team has been interviewed by GamerNode. To check out the interview, click here
  • RenEclips has released a bunch of models for downloading. They also have some new wallpapers, renders and a trailer for the Shockwave mod.
  • ISOTX has updated their ModToaster with new patches and recalled patches. They also have a new AI fix.
  • Victor Charlie, the Vietnam/ZH total conversion mod has released a model of the redone F-4 Phantom. There are also some ingame screenshots of the new model. Also, they recently posted a barrage of new models.
  • Road to Moscow has released two new unskinned renders of the Allied aircraft carrier and the soviet attack sub.
  • Cold War Crisis has a new model of the M60A3 "Patton" tank to show off with ingame screens soon to follow.
  • Rise of the Reds has posted an update on the progress of their mod as well as a new render of their VDV soldier.
  • MidEast Crisis has released version 1.1 of their mod.
  • RADEN has released 4 new YR maps to download.
  • RenAlert has a new wallpaper to download.
  • PlanetCNC has come out with what they call the C&C Top 10 video for the 10th anniversary of C&C that is worth the download.
  • CNC Unleashed appears to have been hacked and looks like it will be down for a while.
  • C&C Meets Star Wars is showing off two new structures, a plasma battery and a laser post.
  • Code Red has released a new version of their YR mod.
  • CNC Community has posted the winners of this year's C&C Community Awards.
  • CnCWorld has posted the last of its "Old-School Onslaught" which includes the Sole Survivor Soundtrack.
  • CnC Reborn has some new purchase terminal icons to check out.
  • Ace Combat is showing off a render of its new M270 vehicle.
  • Project Raptor is showing off a new model of its guardian turret to download.
  • CNCDEN has announced the winners of its Essay Contest. Congrats to Blbpaws for placing 1st! Lion has also posted a new Den wallpaper and a piece of fan art.

That is all the news I have for you right now. Enjoy!

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