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Forum regulars will know that we've being holding a small Red Alert 2 inter-site tournament over the past month or two. There were a couple of big-name players involved, and some excellent matches.

After a few initial knock-out rounds, the final consisted of a round-robin tournament between myself, jacko3334 and Mads.

Mads beat Jacko in the first fixture, putting himself in pole-position. The next game saw Jacko defeat me in around 20 minutes on South Pacific. Finally, I met Mads in the ultimate decider. Anything but a win for me would see him take the tournament.

Unfortunately I failed. Mads only needed 10 minutes thanks to a failed engineer rush and his decisive use of Black Eagles.

Thus, the site has a new Red Alert 2 Champion: Mads. Congratulations.

Thanks to everybody who took part. It's extremely enjoyable playing against site members - knowing each other somewhat makes it that little bit more entertaining. Hopefully we'll be organising another tournament in the future. Mads will no doubt update you on that later, and his new position on the site as our XWIS Reporter.

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