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» Announcing the Clan System

Well I'm pleased to announce that the CNCSeries.Com Clan System is finally live. I've spent a lot of time creating it, and do feel it will be of significant benefit to all clans in the community, particularly those who lack the time or expertise to create their own website.

Our clan system takes away all the hassle. Everything is managed through your own online administration panel. You can add news items or content all with a few clicks of your mouse. It's that easy. All news items and content pieces are then automatically listed on your clan's index page (example).

I encourage all clans to sign up, regardless of whether or not they already have an existing website. The clan system is an excellent way to recruit potential members, and simply to spread the message about your clan. We have many more exiciting ideas for developing it even further in the future.
    Feature List
  • Add and edit your own news and content.
  • Personal URL (
  • Automated member list.
  • Control and modify your members.
  • Send newsletters to all members.
  • Update various profile fields.
  • Specify what C&C games you play.
  • Recruit new members easily.
  • Create and control your own forum section.
  • Use your own online administration area.
What's the catch? You'll need a member account if you haven't already got one. The idea of the Clan System is that it is tied into the whole site - hence the requirement of a member account. If you've already got one, you can skip straight to the registration stage.

Enjoy, and please feel free to leave any feedback or ideas for future expansion in the comments thread for this news item.

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