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» WHERE THE F*$% IS EVERYONE?!?!?!?! (View)20:36 17.12.08
Posting? What is this nonsense?

» Hi, anyone here? (View)16:07 16.04.07
Actually, I'm still hanging around...sort of.

» C&C playstation?!? (View)22:00 17.08.06
I started on the good ole' PC. However, any method that brings you to the C&C world is great! Better to experience through Playstation than not experience at all Grin

» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)21:58 17.08.06
I would say that the Nintendo 64 was highly geared towards the younger kids; however, Nintendo started learing away from that crowd in late 2003 when it signed on games such as the Resident Evil series. PS2 has a wide variety of games, so it's difficult to tell what age group they aim towards (probably between 12-18 years old). The Wii is promising more of a selection towards ages 17+; some of its launch titles really show its new commitment. Looking at the Wii, I see a new console that offers new gameplay / ideas -- rather than updated graphics as the Xbox 360 has solely relied upon. PS3 has quite a bit of hype behind it. So far, Sony has offered very little factual information about the console (neither has Nintendo). I seen several screenshots from the PS3, and I cannot say that justifies a $800 (US Dollar) price tag. The only appealing factor to the PS3 is the Blue-ray capability...but only if it catches on in the movie industry.
All in all, I'll wait and see. I refuse to crown a winner when two consoles have not been released. Xbox 360 has the earliest released, which helps 3rd part support a bit more. The Wii offers new gameplay through its new motion-sensitive controllers. PS3 offers Blue-ray, and perhaps more power than either the Wii or Xbox 360. However, all of this remains to be seen Roll-Eyes

» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)05:05 16.08.06
It seems as though everyone is already counting-out Nintendo Roll-Eyes

» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)20:15 09.08.06
First, backwards compatibility issues exist:
Second, current (popular) games are having problems on the Xbox 360:

There are several more out there, but I just thought I would stop there. Also, it seemed as though several of my own friends encountered error code #64 & #65 frequently. Microsoft definitely needs to come at console gaming at a different angle. Revising DirectX for a console is certainly not the correct route to go. Now, I'm not about to claim that PC's do not have any flaws or errors of their own, but at least there are ways to personally correct them. Also, I still find playing the 360 enjoyable for the most part -- as I do many other consoles. It just seems that the XBox 360 is simply an upgraded and slimmer XBox.

» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)03:04 09.08.06
I can't justify the price of a PS3 when it only has comparable performance to high-end PC's that are currently out. XBox 360 has too many compatibility issues with previous -- and current games. The Wii looks promising, because it is offering new gameplay; however, the Wii's graphic capabilities are in question (it doesn't even offer HD gaming). I think I may stick to my PC's Grin

» How did you find CNCSeries? (View)02:59 09.08.06
I was using multiple search engines for "big boobs." I'm not sure how I got here, but never got what I was looking for using the search function here @ Angry

» Israel (View)20:41 31.07.06
I believe that Israel has the right to defend themselves against any country or organization that strikes innocent civilians within Israel. Hezbollah has done this several times, then hid inside Syria and Lebanon. This time, Hezbollah committed even worse crimes -- against Lebanon. When Hezbollah kidnapped the Israeli soldiers and declared open war against Israel, Hezbollah not only hid behind the captured soldiers, but also Lebanon.
I do not agree with the destruction that Israel caused in Lebanon in the past few weeks; however, they are now going with the right course of action through the partnership with the Lebanon government / military. The Lebanonese government would likely have more accurate information concerning the location of the militant Hezbollah groups within Lebanon. Therefore, Israel can now conduct operations with more limited civilian casualties.
In disputes between Lebanon and Israel there is no such thing as collateral damage -- much like in the dispute between Iraq and the United States.

» How long have you been in the community? (View)21:13 30.07.06
Hahaha, 4 years...I think. Though, I'm not extremely active Eek

» warning! (View)02:18 29.12.05
I have no sympathy for the people that create those ridiculous viruses, nor any for those dumb enough to accept them. Grin

» Widescreen gaming, anyone? (View)06:21 24.12.05
That's definitely an interesting setup you built Happy It's been common knowledge that CRT's work better for gaming whene LCD's general response time hovered around 16-20ms; however, lately, finding 4-8ms LCD's have been relatively easy. Your 24" Widescreen is definitely impressive. Actually, I had no idea that they even made CRT's like that.
I was looking into keyboards a couple weeks ago and noticed that keyboard and all of it's functions. I've had experience with similiar keyboards and hotkey functions that were suppose to emulate the same effects; however, they utterly failed. How does yours work for games (good, bad, etc)?
Those 10,000 RPM Raptors are extremely hard to beat. Did you check into the latest SATA hard drives with NCQ and their benchmarks? They often come close.
Your processor choice also intrigues me. When did you order most of these parts? I find that most gamers often look towards the 4000+ or the new dual cores on the AMD side. I'd have to agree with everyone that Intel is pretty horrible right now with their performance. I'm interested to see how their new x86 architecture will fare this coming year. Rumors of a 45nm core have also been floating around; I'm sure AMD isn't too far behind, especially with their new models only months away.
Happy Gaming Grin

» C&C:Generals for Army Urban research - Help requested (View)05:36 17.11.05
Uh oh, this is a scary thread. This goes into OPSEC violations Eek

» Blasts from the past (View)05:27 17.11.05
Heh, for some reason, I seem to remember all of them Happy

» lost the manual (View)01:06 19.05.05
People still read those Confused Well, at least you're not asking for a CD key Grin You could try EA's Website or just look at your readme.txt file within your Generals/Zero Hour directory.

» want maps? (View)06:39 31.03.05
Wow. I barely understood either of you. Hey, I would love to see this map myself; you can e-mail it to me as an attachment (

» News: Unlikely Visitors (View)06:23 05.03.05
I dunno, but slap a good wig on Rob, and you might get double the search results of both words.

» News: Unlikely Visitors (View)10:31 01.03.05
Some things never change...

» problems on a laptop (View)21:23 14.02.05
If you REALLY want the game to work on your laptop, then I may suggest a full reformat of your computer. Do this by inserting your Dell Recovery Disk and restart your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions and your hard drive will be wiped clean and restored to factory specifications (save for any physical damage the hard drive may have induced).
*Be sure to back up any important data before doing this*

» Who maps? (View)21:17 14.02.05
I've actually been working on a map in the past two weeks for Yuri's Revenge. BTW: I was a map reviewer for one of the best site in CNC history!

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