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» the latest movie you've seen? (View)17:43 07.02.06
i prefered the first underworld movie, its sad that that scene of her without the leather is the best bit of the movie, although i wasnt complaining at the time :P

» What are you all doing? (View)13:22 18.01.06
i got my first exam of my uni career today :S, geometry, vectors and complex numbers. should do reasonably well i hope. been revising hard-ish :S lol

good thing is i got this week plus next two with no lectures then start next semester so its all good Grin

» News: Happy New Year (View)12:56 01.01.06
mine are simple!

smoke more
drink more
get 2000 runs
get at least 20 wickets

» Podcast (View)10:58 23.12.05
It has some good music on it now and again, and i dont have a TV anymore so its good to catch up with little bits of news. Just the person who talks has a well annoying voice

» What will you be doing for the next 2 weeks? (View)15:50 22.12.05
I'm just gonna spend the entire time wishing i was back at Uni :P I hate being at home, i feel all constricted

» How long have you been in the community? (View)15:47 22.12.05
I joined i guess when i started Renegade Skinners (R.I.P) forgotten when that actually was

» Podcast (View)15:46 22.12.05
I listen to 'Hi my name is Mark' and the Kerrang podcast, althought the Kerrang one isnt that good :S

» Ever heard of Reborn?? (View)15:37 13.12.05
That mod looks quite cool at the moment! i hope it doesnt die off like a lot seem to do these days.

» How happy are you with the site? (View)15:33 13.12.05
In my opinion the forums make the site! and these forums are pretty gooooood at the min Rob! liking them! I think it would be a cool idea that each person gets their own 'page' where they can leave a blog, post a few pics comment on others stuff like that. Just to get to know each other better!

» Kanye West (View)15:31 13.12.05
mebbe im thinking ive been missinformed in the past :P

» need advice (View)13:55 11.12.05
in my opinion id say just go with the advice i was given. Just speak to her!

» Kanye West (View)13:51 11.12.05
i agree! james brown is a god! and the divide between screamo and hardcore is very small

» Kanye West (View)16:27 04.12.05
i really like rise against too but i wouldnt call them a mix between pop and technical punk... more like ummmm punk/screamo not really any pop in there

» What do you look like? (View)23:43 29.11.05
all the time!

» What do you look like? (View)22:39 27.11.05
first one was 3 months before my 16th bday, second one im 18

» What do you look like? (View)22:07 27.11.05
me in Jan 03
me not long ago

» 5th Anniversary? (View)09:18 20.10.05
what you wanna do is take all the staff PAST and present for a nice anniversary meal Happy

» How did you find CNCSeries? (View)14:34 14.09.05
i probobly found it as a link from another site but you were the only site to host me a subsite Happy (if that makes sense :S )

» News: SEGA Teams Up With Petroglyph (View)14:28 14.09.05
im not gay for flintoff, i think hes a prick but i still think hes an awesome cricketer.

» McDonalds - What does it mean to you? (View)13:54 05.04.05
I havent been in a macdonalds in a while, but i went in one about a week ago and felt ill about half an hour after having the burger. dont think i wil be going there again for a while. unless its to buy a milkshake of course Happy

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