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» Does anyone still play? (View)23:28 28.09.05
I always play as China, they have the best Units! the "Overlord Tank" is my Fav! all it takes is about 4 of these Tanks on ANYONE(unless they are FAST Builders!) and it's practically Game Over!

» Battle Fortress Bug (View)23:22 28.09.05
I rarely use Waypoints(unless I'm busy with a Ground Battle or else where on the map I don't use waypoints)

I perfer scrambling my forces, churning out scores of Cannon Fodder, and outnumbering them.

» Does anyone still play? (View)13:18 26.01.05
I know comp stomps are fun(just can't play online now) this ins't my comp.

» Does anyone still play? (View)01:52 21.01.05
I bought it a month ago, haven't played since(mouse always disappeared) though after 1 month it suddenly stopped disappearing! so now..... it basically replaces all my C&C games! except RA2 in the: "World Domination Tour" map(when I feel the need to conquer the world I play that.

And soon anyway, I'll have 1 disc left(I'm going to let my friend "SG" borrow it for a while so we can open up a major can of whoop @$$ on 6 comps!

» old news. (View)01:48 21.01.05
what happend to the old CNCSERIES Fourm?

» RA2 YR on nintendo DS (View)01:47 21.01.05
alomst as good, but I like the computer version better.