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» Battle Fortress Bug (View)11:34 07.06.05
Has anyone else noticed the bug with the battle fortress; waypoint attacks from it are not the full force of the loaded units. i.e. 2 Battle Fortress' fully loaded with GIs. Set waypoint to attack several base defenses and they will set about it but at somepoint, the units inside will not fire and the Battle Fortress acts like a fully unloaded version of itself.

Kind of annoying when coordinating multiple ground air and sea assaults at once.

» News: CNCSeries.Com Tournament Over (View)06:48 05.05.05
Dang, sounded like a lot of fun. Not been so active, working on my websites backend n design tweaks, then seeing about getting a small side business upgrading/repairing pcs on the side off the ground.
Not played RA2 in so long, will have to dig it out, brush of the dust (may need some help with that) and get practising.

» "internal error msg. on start up (View)07:12 18.02.05
When it comes to Norton and problems, nothing surprises me. Uninstall it; even the new xp firewall in SP2 is better.

» News: EALA Job Cuts (View)14:10 29.01.05
Good luck to the employees and their families recently cut and that they find a job they enjoy doing as much as making games soon.

» What other forums do you visit? (View)01:03 28.01.05 when they are back up (formerly

» old news. (View)00:33 27.01.05
perl is very cpu intensive. I like coranto though, probably because it is already setup and is very easy to use. Granted i would only run it locally, and find some other 2 bit news system that "will do for now". I suppose i should make one, had a layout of features and a load of ideas written down somewhere. < /ramble> Good job Rob, hehe

» System Specs! (View)00:25 27.01.05

Originally posted by small...
wont even pretend to know what that means and i do computing at A2 level lol

lol, i did A2 ICT, tbh the course was laughable. The only hardware related thing i remember doing was install a NIC. *yawn* kinda boring when you already build pcs for friends.

» System Specs! (View)19:56 21.01.05
Aopen AX4GER
P4 2.4B (the 533 one)
Partriot 2x256 pc4000 EB
Geforce 4 Ti4200
maxtor 80
maxtor 160
WD 160
NEC 3500AG with liggy firmware (12.5x burns w00t)
SB audigy platinum
10usb ports for some reason
generic psu and a crappy ebuyer case

Sad thing is, the bios wont allow me to up the voltage on the agp port so i cant get a higher stable clock on the vid card, same goes for the memory. the pc2700 i had beforehand was better, as it ran quicker at cas2.5 than the EB stuff can (mobo goes from 1.5-2.5, stupid ass POS) thus also limiting CPU. gah!!!!
Oh and i cant find an IC7-MAX3 anywhere, ugh!!

» The alternative to WOL (View)13:38 19.01.05
Awesome. might play renegade again then Grin

» Traditional bi-monthly thread! (View)08:37 18.01.05

» Damn addicting game (View)15:51 16.01.05
cool Grin just got 14.000 15.008 23.936

» News: Community Items (View)13:06 16.01.05
Hate footy myself.
Originally posted by Rob...
Like the way I change the second word of my community posts subject every time? I'll probably run out of different words soon. hehehe

» Improving this forum (View)13:01 16.01.05
Wouldn't put avatars in the postbit, but maybe in the profile instead. All those images loading will bog it down a little, whereas viewing someones profile it doesnt matter so much: one image and a bit of info.

» Do you still play? (View)12:59 16.01.05
I've not played in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. last time i played wasnt against a friend it was a random dude from the game select thingy, played a mod n musta known something i did coz i got wiped out in a matter of minutes. I'd play on the network with my brother, but it doesn't want to play ball. never got it working. might get back into it soon Happy

» News: Renegade Skins Galore (View)18:39 14.01.05
lol i like coranto, but it's just too slow and bulky unless it's run locally. Too lazy to write my own in php n mysql with the features i want. W00t at skinners being back up Grin

» How can we integrate this forum successfully? (View)07:14 13.01.05
Best way would be to upload them to their own section and, similarly to the news system, have a forum comments section for the replays too. Would also be good to have a sysnopsis of the replay posted in the replay comments section. Browsing the comments on the forums gives a brief outline of the replay, but a link to the main replay info page where a more detailed description and a thumbnail may be. I dunno, i'll quit rambling now Tongue

» Gadgets (View)16:05 12.01.05
The money i got from my birthday was spent on making my pc look half decent, it was seriously ghetto. no side panel, no front panel, no working power button, half colored in with a silver marker, drive bezels sprayed matt black with modelling spray. ewwwwwwwww. yeah i got a new case and a dvd burner, will be good to use for the dvd digicam my dad got.
Didn't get any money at christmas, i think i returned a few things so i had a bit n spent it on gf birthday Happy well spent to be in the good books hehe

» What's rocking your stereo lately? (View)15:41 12.01.05
lots: slipknot, fear factory, metallica, nine inch nails, prodigy, soulfy.
One song i play more regularly is Fear Factory - Slave Labor. heavy and kicks ass Grin