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» News: Pretty Much Everything Revealed... (View)07:46 18.07.08

Originally posted by Spygon...
sorry but did you say that the yuris side was balanced Eek as that is totally rubbish as the yuri army is stupidly overpowered so much that still in most online games people wont let you play as that side and i feel the same is going to happen to the empire but i hope im wrong

Sure, I felt it was relatively balanced. And most of those people who will not let you play as Yury, probably do not play very well. I never understood why people were always so against others having Yury. But then again, I always played as random if I could, so maybe I am biased.

[edit] Oh as for RA3, I am very eager for it to be released, which is probably why I have actually become active on this site again. Generals just didnt cut it for me, so my participation/reading this site dropped right around the revamp with the new boards etc. However, I will not have a PC capable of playing RA3 until next year at the earliest probably, so hopefully all the balancing issues will be worked out by then...(I am hoping EA supports this game a little more than most of their products). [/edit] heh

» News: Pretty Much Everything Revealed... (View)07:52 17.07.08
The empire doesnt sound that strong. I mean look at it this way, I know when I saw Yury first come out, I thought Yury would be far too powerful and then balanced it fairly quickly--in particular with the moveable ore mining.

» Favorite band or song enyone? (View)10:17 11.05.08
Fav Bad: Either Beatles or Bloodhound gang
Song: yellow submarine

» Paul's reputation hits 2 stars (View)22:09 01.12.05
So we are now giving stars for good boys n girls?
If I can color in the lines this time, can I get a star?

» FTP Clients? (View)03:52 12.11.05
I like my smart ftp. Does all that I could have ever wanted.

» Who uses Ebay? (View)00:48 10.10.05

Originally posted by Rob...
Halfbooks site?? Confused, for books. But Ive switched to to search sites like expedia.

» Who uses Ebay? (View)04:46 09.10.05
Ive just used their halfbook's site. Ive had success so far, but I am not a big fan of buying things over the net.

» Em... (View)02:03 10.09.05
stay alive

» News: Aaron Kaufman speaks about new ZH patch (View)15:22 01.03.05
Yup, and if you read his letter. It sounds like the exact oppposite of what he is saying. Very little has anything to do with the actual patch, but rather trying to supress many 'conspiracies,' which some are most likely true. Like Germany doing most of the work this being a release to look better against competitors and a new product is coming out.

» News: Unlikely Visitors (View)22:00 28.02.05
So where are the large breasts?

» Beckham's Kids (View)19:08 21.02.05
Cruz is a girl's name?
The children wont play soccer, they will become pop singers...duh.

» NHL Cancelled?! (View)12:13 18.02.05
Its a depressing matter or at least a little troubling. And the NHL players are not paid as much as NFL players...Maybe some but not many or basketball or baseball players. The owners were losing cash and needed a way to solve that problem... Its a potty to see it go and hopefully it will be shortly.

» Units you wish to see (View)21:42 14.02.05
Boris was hilarious. If you had the extra cash, he can entertain you for a bit.

» What's rocking your stereo lately? (View)17:35 01.02.05
NOFX, Libertines, and some other stuff inbetween.

» Improving this forum (View)18:20 13.01.05
Whatever happend to grey? This green is scary.