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» Nod Campaign ending - total let down (View)21:56 10.04.07

Originally posted by Spygon...if you look at all the info updates they tell you abouyt most of the things you spoke about.


» Fave tiberuim wars unit (View)02:02 10.04.07
the gdi commando, going retro, i got a present for ya, that was left handed


» Nod Campaign ending - total let down (View)02:00 10.04.07
it wasnt just nod, the entire game, i love the others, but... i cant describe this, ive been waiting for years for this game, and i honestly feel like ive wasted a fortnight of my life,

i really sorry if you liked it but thats just my opinion and im entitled to voice it i just cant belive those shit storys all three of them,
i mean seriously how did kane get back
what happened to cabal
where did the mutants go
why the drastic shift in building designs all of nods stuff looks like plants,
which firestorm ending are we going from, if gdi why did the tiberium problem increes when they got thr tactits, if nod how did kane get out of that tube

and another thing why was the final nod mission so hard for nothing

im considering bringing this game back to the store and telling them it didnt work(which it didnt) getting my money back and forget this ever happened and waiting for red 3

» Back to the console (View)09:32 23.11.06
most definatlty, there is only one way to play

» Is this just me or (View)12:32 22.11.06
i agree

» Is this just me or (View)09:47 14.11.06
If he gets his own armie,

a very good thing, (yes i know theres no way arround having a two on one if its cabal but they'll figure something out, they always do)

but if he's the same as last time in story mode he stole nods and at the end gdi's, and in the skermish, they didn't even bother they just sort of incorperated everything into nod which made no sense what so ever.

i as lame as this is am a very big fane of cabal and have been since i first heard his blue little voice, i really hope its him

» Is this just me or (View)13:18 01.10.06
I dont wanna wait i want it now........... lol

» Is this just me or (View)10:37 27.09.06
well, we know as fact that the brotherhood have just launched a full missile strike at gdi, and destroying the phillidelphia, so if it was cabal, there would not be a joint effort, where as if it was an alien side one of them are going to embrace them,

» Is this just me or (View)11:25 25.09.06
no because thats like saying yuri was just another soveit side, and how is cabal not unbiased they ganged up on him and still nearly got there assses kicked

» Is this just me or (View)01:01 23.09.06
With the advancment of redalert 2 there is going to be lot more deplyable units like the gi so i hope that cabal is going to be in it and have a full armie to himself because i loved cabal there is a whole lot of talk about an alien race being the third side, i personally feel that cabal should be it, you know some sort of way to keep his primary core alive like its being played from the mod disc this time rather than the gdi disc woooo who

» Which side will you play? (View)11:24 09.08.06
kane isnt dead, you seen him at the end of the nod disc in firestorm

» 4th side also (View)00:00 30.07.06
What would brian botono do if he was here right now

» what are u doing this summer? (View)13:14 20.07.06
drying out its far to warm here

» 4th side also (View)10:45 28.06.06

» predictions (View)10:44 28.06.06
id really like to see cabal back, i love cabal

» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)10:37 28.06.06
ps3 by far x box sucks

» American Football Players (View)17:33 27.06.06
american football is gay all that padding if you want to play the sport play it properly although its called rugby, but if you people want a reall sport play hurlin, the fastist pitch played game on the planet

» Who uses Ebay? (View)17:32 27.06.06
i use it all the time nearly everything i own is from ebay its brill Happy

» who likess alkohol? (View)17:18 27.06.06
vodka and cough medicne

» who likess alkohol? (View)17:17 27.06.06
jack daniells and coke

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