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» Who plays Dawn Of War? (View)07:10 11.01.08
Another expansion heading its way for this game, tis a good series Happy

» Fave tiberuim wars unit (View)08:21 12.04.07
For pure looks, gdi commando only that he gets fried easy by anything romotely engergy based Grin. For practicality sniper+juggernaught combo, snipers are like fodder and easy to get while juggs make both a good offensive weapon at long range and a good defencive weapon against landbased objects Happy. An all rounder that would be my fave tho is the mammoth tank or the scrins planetary assault carrier

» Campaign Progress? (View)21:34 02.04.07
Finished the GDI campaign last night, they give you two choices, I chose the easy one Grin took me one or two tries to pick the right point on the map though, you'll understand when ye get to it.

» This week i'm mostly playing (View)07:00 25.10.06
battlefield 2142 and company of heroes

» Well lads (View)19:46 19.10.06
Cool Happy working out well for ya so, haha there was sum craic altogether on ra2, i remember every1 gettn hammered by ya haha. Well cal howr ya I remember ya neway, ages ago, my god it must be at least a year neway

» Well lads (View)12:13 11.10.06
How's it goin, joined the irish defences forces may last year, some experience heh ne news yerself?

» Well lads (View)17:33 05.10.06
Hi, dont know if anyone here remembers me but just thought I'd say hi. Been away for a long time and havent really gotten the chance to post anything here let alone browsing the web. Wats the sca anyway? heh I see cnc3 is on its way. those who I do remember tho even tho i was away a long time are rob eric paul jim and i think chaotix from playin one of my first RA2 games with. Anyway i'll be around a bit more got broadband and should be able ta check up a bit more. Happy