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» How did you find CNCSeries? (View)17:03 11.09.05
Think I came here on the old boards to find out more about Red Alert 2, and registered later on to ask a question about gameplay. Pretty sure I found the site using Google.

Edit: Also, registered about May 2002 I think (visited the site/forums for maybe 1-2 months before joining as well).

» Liverpool v AC Milan (View)18:52 27.05.05
Crap bit of refereeing for the penalties. Hamamn seemed to make the difference for Liverpool.

Also, I saw something in the paper today in which Traore claims he heard Milan players celebrating at half-time. If that was true, then lol @ that.Grin

Edit: Just had a look at Teletext, and Stam & Maldini apparently said that what Traore said isn't true - but by the way I saw Seedorf & Maldini looking very happy with themselves coming out for the second half, I'm still not convinced....

» The British Election (View)15:46 07.05.05
I think it was a decent time to go having gained a few seats, and he can step aside for a younger leader perhaps - who may have more chance of appealing to some of the labour voters. I think David Davis is quite good, but I'm not sure if he would appeal to the public.

Maybe if the election was close Howard could have stayed.Confused

I don't think he is too old for it personally, but I suppose it would be an issue for some voters.

Edit: Also, I don't think the Lib Dems are on the way up. They did well because of the war and it'll be back to normal next time.

» The British Election (View)22:25 05.04.05
I voted Conservative at the last local election. Will be doing so again at the general election.

» Which Messenger version do you use? (View)22:15 05.04.05
I've got 7, I would have probably stayed with the earlier version (think it was 6.2) but my brother dl'd 7.

Up until Windows updates were installed a few days ago I would get signed in automatically to msn, which was really annoying, but it hasn't happened since then.

» Hi. (View)18:14 03.04.05
You have to be logged in to the Strike-team forum to view these links....

You were caught faking a screenshot less than a month ago, and you have the nerve to come here and make a big deal over a few outdated bug exploits. Hmmmm.....Roll-Eyes

» What TV Series do you watch? (View)20:01 01.04.05
Buffy (first series), although I missed last week's episode.Unhappy

» What scars have you got? (View)14:37 31.03.05
On my right index finger on the joint I have a deep one from punching a picture (glass) on the wall. That was 5 years ago, the flesh wound was pretty horrific.Eek

Also, a scar from my hernia operation from when I was a baby, some on my back from when I had shingles, a few on my wrist from a particularly violent cat scratch, and another on one of my finger pads (was helping to lower our new firdge into position when a sharp metal part on the bottom sliced partially through it).Unhappy

» News: New Zero Hour Patch Announced! (View)17:16 01.03.05
At least I can now play the damn game at last. With the previous patch the game wouldn't even load up on my comp.Unhappy

» What bones have you broken? (View)17:07 01.03.05
I broke my thumb 'playing' hockey in primary school. The teacher devised some stupid little game where two teams line up opposite each other face to face (everyone has a number); and then a number from each side is called, and has to challenge for the ball when it gets thrown in, and get it past the oppostion wall. Roll-Eyes

Needless to say, some idiot ran in and smashed me with his stick smack on the thumb.....