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» Hi there! (View)12:27 24.04.07
Long time no see! Just came to say hi after I showed a colleague at work some of my video replays. Funny to visit after more than a year of not logging in or posting, to show a real-life person what I've been doing for quite a number of years.

I've played C&C 3 a bit lately (no, not online) and I'm not that impressed. Good game, but nothing great. Anyway, I'd better get back to work now. Kbye Wink

» have fun (View)12:56 27.02.06
How ironic, I decided to do a very similar thing. I've uninstalled the internet components and had my parents take the CDs 'til I'm through with my finals. I did that 2 hours before Jack posted this. This means I won't be playing RA2 online for at least the next three months. When I play RA2, it's online. All I can do now is skirmishes or campaign (boring). I just left it on my computer not wanting to reinstall the damn thing all over again.

I'm going to focus on school results right now, see if I can get that 80+/100 for mathematics. It'll be a good start for when I'm going to uni, as -for now- I plan to study advanced mathematics. When I have graduated I'm likely to play RA2 again 'til I too start uni. I'll probably head the same way Jack went. I'll keep posting occasionally, but not half as much as I used to. This is a temporary 'Cya' for me I guess, 'til I pass. Once my vacation is over, it's a permanent 'Cya' for me too.

» recording games??? (View)15:29 24.02.06
Fraps does not work for RA2. I used Camtasia Studio.

» News: Happy Valentines Day (View)23:42 14.02.06

» sigh, allies... (View)23:41 14.02.06
If I play allies, I make sure I end my games quick. My late-game allies aren't good as I can't keep up when I have to watch a large rockie swarm, planes, tank splits and build order. I make the best out of them by handy rushes and quick attacks. Playing as such gets me to around 900p before I'm starting to lose more than I win.

» February targets? (View)23:38 14.02.06
220 XCL Founder > 500p robofcncs 23 8 587 22:45 12-02-2006 Cuba
222 XCL Founder > 500p iqmvsyou 27 5 586 04:32 14-02-2006 Iraq

Very close. I lay my bets on Rob to end up higher than Paul in this month.

» News: Some Forum Threads (View)23:33 14.02.06
Yeah, though he scored 844 and not 854 like in the news post. I smashed Rob a couple times more just now. I think the score is now 10-0 or something. I don't recall Rob ever beating me Happy

» need medical assistance (View)14:14 13.02.06
My dad is one, I'll get him to read this.

» News: EA Q&A Location Revealed (View)08:14 13.02.06

Originally posted by Jeremy...
I unfortunately bought the game. I have never seen this many bugs in all other games ive played combined. I returned it the next day, and since they didnt have any more for exchange and the fact that i spend so much money at the game store, they let me have store credit. I took the store credit and reserved Star Wars: Empire at War.

Yeah, I had ordered it but I cancelled it. I'm getting Empire at War instead as well.

» Congratulations (View)23:28 12.02.06
No, all videos are hosted here. I've been posting on other forums to get a larger audience and let it be known these replays are available.

» February targets? (View)23:27 12.02.06
Any targets for this months' ladder?

Five more days and I have a week off school. I'm going to see if I can get some nicks to 1000+ this month, possibly finishing at around rank 25 or so.

» Congratulations (View)17:42 12.02.06
Well, thanks, I guess. Many more are coming. Most important thing now is that people know there are replays. I've been posting at other CNC forums and I've contacted ST staff for a possible news post or announcement. There may be a section on their forums dedicated to the replays.

» News: EA Q&A Location Revealed (View)15:00 11.02.06
Hahahaha, quality picture. After reading negative feedback all around the internet, I've decided to cancel my order. We'll see how things work out. If the problems won't get solved then I won't open my wallet.

» Battle Report: robofcncs Vs. recording (View)13:37 11.02.06
Quite an enjoyable game indeed. I would have opted for a rush BO but I'm not quite comfortable enough with my new keyboard to be sure not to mess up. If you're going to rush, it's vital you don't make mistakes. When I'm used to this keyboard we'll arrange another game on Isle, then I'll rush. Wink

» What a gimp (View)19:00 10.02.06
Before you can do that you must make sure you control the entire map and have a good enough economy though. On Hammer, that can take 30 minutes. As you can see, Rob was building Kirovs already. But yeah, I hate players like that too. If you have a /r/d SS you can report it on Strike-Team and get the player to give you a freewin.

» Battle Report: tuasperdu Vs. keeneg (View)18:57 10.02.06
I second that.

Oh, and in no way do I -and I believe I can speak on behalf of Jack too- look at the reputation numbers as a race, like you obviously do.

One more thing, if you want battle reports that are worth reporting, play players like Jack and me. You might learn something. Wink

» Battle Report: ReCoRDiNG Vs. K2TheArmA (View)16:02 09.02.06
Well, I once managed to trouble Tomi with my allied rush on it. He won, obviously, but not without breaking a sweat.

The BO is this, basically.

-Power plant
-Barracks (2 or 3 dogs)
-AFC (1 rocketeer - order it to attack opponent's power plant)
-War Fac (straight tanks, rally to his base
-War Fac
-Sell MCV

sometimes you don't need the second War and it's better to go for a 2nd ref. I slightly messed up on not going for the 2nd option, but it was an OK game for the first game of the day.

» Battle Report: if10aty0u Vs. tututule (View)15:56 09.02.06
Makes me think of 'my WOL QM days', sadly those were in the time EA just left WOL to die basically. I came across HORDES of cheaters in QM, but learned the basics nonetheless. I don't like losing, but back then I really, really took losses bad compared to now. That made me a noobbasher for 1.5 years until after the redirection I decided not to be a newbie and play decent players. First month after 10 months off I had 40W-20L, so a 2:1. Second month after the 10 month break I ended up 62-21, so a 3:1. Then in December I had a record of 42-9, so a 5:1, ending up 16th on the ladder. It's the best training there is: Learn by losing from good players.

» Battle Report: if10aty0u Vs. tututule (View)15:44 09.02.06
Yeah it's sad to see players like that. I've often found some players keep up with production really well, sometimes better than me, but their tanks splits are horrible. I once took out an MCV with 3 rhinos, when his were just sitting there about half a screen away. He then decided to split up his tanks in two groups, one to the bottom left and one to the top right. He hadn't noticed I was blowing up both bridges with Ivan when he gave them the command. They blew uo just in time before he could reach me (would have held him off quite easily with a few sentries and desos I'd massed), making his tanks drive all around the map in a straight line, right towards my ENTIRE force hassling his bottom left expansion. With about 20-22 tanks to his 25 or so, I won with 9 left, 6 full health and others either yellow or slightly damaged. He put up a good fight with deso camping but I outproduced in a matter of minutes, as I had my expansion while I denied his. Kind of ruins a good game, sadly.

» sigh... (View)15:36 09.02.06
Yeah, but we weren't notified either.

Damn you Rob. Eek