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» have fun (View)15:30 26.02.06

» sigh, allies... (View)13:04 18.02.06
i'm not really sure what warranted that response, but if it's because you don't believe what I'm saying about allies being potentially good, then you're pretty much just being silly.

Played some games vs showtime last night, who was rank 7 last month, and won 3-0 with korea without even being threatened except momentarily on Urban. Two of those wins were on supposedly soviet maps, being urban and gsf.

» sigh, allies... (View)14:58 17.02.06
From a few games I've played tonight I have to say that I think my allies are more powerful than my sovs in a lot of situations.

The only time I really notice allied inferiority is when the soviet player is able to push early with a lot of fodder and attack you at your base instead of allowing you to take the initiative. Well, another time is when 1 flak cannon placed next to your attacking rocketeers kills about 5 of them before you can pull them back, even if you're watching them. If flak was just a bit less powerful vs rockies, allies vs sov would be very close to being balanced.

» News: Happy Valentines Day (View)04:25 15.02.06
I love you more than word can wield the matter.

» need medical assistance (View)11:56 14.02.06

» February targets? (View)15:54 13.02.06
I'll just see where I end up, but I'll be content with anything comfortably over 1000. I'm not sure I'll have the dedication to go well this month.

» need medical assistance (View)13:11 13.02.06

» sigh... (View)16:17 09.02.06
I post at ST as well. I'm known as Ausiejack there. As far as I know Rob made all this site by himself, but you'd have to ask him as for the specifics.

» Your online nicknames (View)16:15 09.02.06
Rob, I know I can't even compete with your legendary coding skills, so I don't even try Tongue

» Battle Report: if10aty0u Vs. pnamaian (View)16:14 09.02.06
It's often a good idea on this map to use your Iron Curtain and Dreadnought in conjunction with each other. If your opponent is any good at all, he will try to negate the threat posed by your dreadnought with a squid. This can be easily counted by curtaining your dreadnought as soon as the squid latches on. This will kill the squid and allow your dreadnought to take out its targets with impunity.

» Battle Report: if10aty0u Vs. tututule (View)16:07 09.02.06
Exactly. You can't learn much from playing the same old crappy players over and over again. I always used to relish the chance to play the absolute best of the game from time to time in the early days of the month, even though I got slaughtered. Makes me wonder why people complain about having to play good players and getting slaughtered in the first days of the month, they should view it as an opportunity instead of a waste of a few minutes.

» Battle Report: tuasperdu Vs. soccerbab (View)16:05 09.02.06
Nice report.

You need to play more often to get to people of a higher skill level. I can never stand people who mass rockies without realising it means a certain loss. I guess they just don't learn from their mistakes.

» Battle Report: if10aty0u Vs. eurotule (View)16:03 09.02.06
Forgot to mention, but one of the main advantages of starting in the bottom right is that you can easily stretch to the middle and make a dreadnought from a naval yard there. You can also place naval yards on both sides of the middle, so you can double the threat your ships pose while making it more difficult for opposing squids or anything to reach you.

» Battle Report: ReCoRDiNG Vs. K2TheArmA (View)15:52 09.02.06
good video report mate. It's a great new medium to show the newer players how things work in games played between good players.

CS is a map I don't play very often, but it seems you have a very good understanding of it.

» Battle Report: if10aty0u Vs. tututule (View)15:50 09.02.06
Yep, I also often find it's important to have a general idea of how many tanks you both have. With so many splits going on you often don't have an idea of whether you could win in a single fight. If you know you have the numerical advantage, you can often force the issue by taking the fight to his base with all your tanks. Good players will make it very hard for you to do this however, by, as Chris said, limiting your movement ability with desos and ivans.

I remember once a game I had on this map back in WOL days. I was easily winning aginst the current #1, and had a force of tanks in the top right guarding the bridge, and also a group in the bottom of the map harrassing him. I was winning so easily that either of this groups could almost have taken him out alone. I made a retarded mistake of selecting all units across the map, instead of the hotkey for my lower group of tanks. This meant that my group on the upper right corner ran right into his tank mass+sentries. Eventually he only won by a single elite tank, but it was a very costly mistake. Looking back it's amazing how much i've improved.

» adjectives process (View)15:43 09.02.06
I don't think I really put down any objectives in the last thread. Anyway, my objectives for this year are to get settled in at uni, and to always enjoy myself.

As for the first, I've enrolled and everything, and I've just signed up for a first year student meet-up with other law students around my suburb.

As for the second, I've definitely done well with that. I've had so much fun these holidays that I have memories from it that I'll never forget.

» Your online nicknames (View)15:40 09.02.06
I'm still using if10aty0u currently.

What that list doesn't tell you is that another of my nicks is "impasse", which you can see at #9 in the December HOF listings.

» Battle Report: if10aty0u Vs. tututule (View)15:37 09.02.06
Exactly. Once the game gets going it's absolutely crazy, with splits everywhere. Desolators are often pretty effective in guarding one of the bridges while you attack with force on the other 2 crossings. You can also sometimes surprise your opponent with a kirov from time to time, because your stretch will probably mean you end up quite close to your opponent's starting position.

The person who analyses each threat and responds to it properly will win the game. Many times I've seen people send off 10 tanks to stop an attack from 4, which means the other player can bring the fight right where he wants it with a localised numerical superiority.

» sigh... (View)15:34 09.02.06
Indeed, but then again he did kind of have a monopoly on rep points for a long time, as he's been here since the absolute beginning of the new site. I didn't notice it in it's present form for a few months, so I was at a disadvantage right from the start.

» Battle Report: if10aty0u Vs. no0bish (View)15:32 09.02.06
That's true. I think it's in some way due to the top right position having to spend quite a bit initially to get the outpost+airport, and also the gems aren't as easily accessible as the ones at the bottom.