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» News: E3 Begins - Interview and Screens (View)21:59 10.05.06
Ah, good old IGN. The pictures look rather interesting, especially the ones with the futuristic boats. Perhaps Naval Warfare will appear? I surely hope so. Naval Warfare was something that really hit Generals (and Z:H) hard from being a very fun game. Sure, the Single Player Navy was over-powered which would have misbalanced the game, but these new boats don't look that powerful. In fact, they look exactly like some sort of Transport boat.

The tanks look rather cool too. There are only two potential problems I see so far. 1. There is no screenshots of NOD yet. NOD should have the really interesting units. 2. I don't know, but infantry look like they will be a bit hard to manage. From the picture, they are relatively small amongst the buildings/tanks. Perhaps they will implement a "See Objects behind Obstructions" option again, but the infantry seem to blend in...

» Battle Report: Psi-B0rg Vs. LoserBugman (View)01:52 10.05.06

Originally posted by bigguy563...
Maybe I should make a return to generals if I get The First Decade.

It's actually Zero:Hour, but it makes for a fun an interesting game either way.

Thanks for the comments guys!

» To All You Generals Naysayers (Involves RA2) (View)02:21 30.04.06
I recently read an article on one of your partner sites, Generals World, which has the translated version of the C&C 3: Tiberium Wars interview that appeared in a Dutch magazine. I will bold the point I am trying to make.

Why did you guys wait so long with making a new CC?
Mike Verdu: CC3 has been in development for a long time, but it took a while before everyone was at the same line and for the technology to become better. One thing is for sure: everything that is working on the project is very happy that we are going to make GDI and NOD come back to live.

To avoid possible misunderstandings: does this new CC3 still have anything to do with CC3: Tiberian Twilight that was dropped off several years ago?
Mike Verdu: For a while we worked on a new CC, but the development didnīt go as we expected so the game was put on hold for a while.

Who is developing this new CC?
Mike Verdu: CC3 is developed by EALA which helped with the development of Red Alert 2, CC: Generals and Battle For Middle Earth 1 and 2. At this time about 60 programmers and artists in Los Angeles work on the game.

What can we expect of the graphics?
Jason Bender: CC3 uses the latest 3D RTS-engine of EALA, a much more improved version of the engine that was used for Battle for Middle Earth 2. CC3 has an incredible detail, great light- and Bloom-effects and advanced features like Normal Maps. The water also looks amazing, but in particular it will be the explosions that are going to steal the show!

The CC-universe is known for itīs great FMV (Full Motion Video) sequences and animations. What can we expect of this new title?
Mike Verdu: A classic CC-game has to have a spectacular FMV-presentation, so the FMV-sequences will return in all their glory and will look better.

Will Joseph Kucan again take the role of Kane?
Mike Verdu: At the moment we canīt say that with certainty because we just started with the casting. But we already can say with certainty that EVA will return.

What can we expect of the multiplayer options?
Jason Bender: CC3 will of course feature the classic options and will have integrated clan-options and feature Voice-over-internet-Protocol. Currently we are working hard on the AI Style of Play-options. With this you can give the AI certain game styles which than can be chosen by the player. Do you want to practice in attacking with a rush, than give the AI Player Rush. If you want to build your base slowly and destroy a well defended enemy slowly but good than set the AI to Turtle. And so there will be a lot of game styles that are inspired by the AI of Generals and Zero Hour but that will be a lot more advanced if itīs about AI.

That all sounds very good. One last question: when can we expect CC3: Tiberium Wars in stores?
Mike Verdu: That will be somewhere in 2007. We canīt say when exactly at this time.

May I thank you for this interview?
Mike and Jason: It was a pleasure.

So you see? Many fans of Westwood (that also usually happen to be fans of RA2) have complained that Generals "is not a true Command & Conquer" game. Well guess what, the people who made that game you adore so much also made the game that you claim is not Westwood-esque.

*Note: Yes, I DO play ALL Command & Conquer Games, all the way from the Tiberian Dawn to Zero:Hour (well, with the exception of Sole Survivor). And yes, EA does have its shortcomings, but I just wanted to point out the fact previously mentioned.

» News: Tiberium Wars at E3 (View)01:13 27.04.06

Originally posted by Ash...

Originally posted by RJ815...
Quick comment on the link, I don't hope to be burdensome, but the link has a single quote (') on the end of it, which makes it not work properly. Viewing the link can be quickly fixed by just deleting it from the URL, but I just wanted to bring the small issue to your attention.

Thanks Happy

You're welcome, just wanted to fix a minor oversight.

» News: Tiberium Wars at E3 (View)01:30 26.04.06
Quick comment on the link, I don't hope to be burdensome, but the link has a single quote (') on the end of it, which makes it not work properly. Viewing the link can be quickly fixed by just deleting it from the URL, but I just wanted to bring the small issue to your attention.

» EDIT: To Moderator, Pleasr Lock and/or Delete (View)23:24 25.04.06
EDIT: Nevermind, I finally figured out how to get it working, to one of the moderators, please lock and or delete this message.

Original Message:
Well, this sure is turning into a mess. I originally had Renegade from the C&C: Collection pack that I bought previously, and it worked perfectly fine with GameSPY. Now, for whatever odd reason, since I bought The First Decade, I had to uninstall (well, it was recommended) and then install all the new (and old being reinstalled) games.

And... it's not working with GameSPY anymore. Trying to Scan for Games is unsucessful no matter how I do it. Loading GameSPY from both the desktop and ingame is unsuccessful (it only brings me to the information page, not the one with lobbies).

So, I'd gratiously appreciate any help on the matter, and yes, I HAVE gotten both new patches for TFD already...


» Which side will you play? (View)21:36 25.04.06
No one is interested in the third side?

I personally am voting that I'll love the third side than both the main ones.

Why? In both Red Alert 2 and Generals, I enjoyed playing the third side. Yuri was plain quirkiness, but that's what made him so fun to play as. Plus, he had a few fantastic units such as Flying Disk (why didn't they call it a UFO? I'll never know...). The GLA were a plain fantastic side, stealth, demolitions, toxins, and quirky units unlike any other Command and Conquer.

So, I think it's safe to say that I'll enjoy the third side in the new (and rather impresive looking) Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (why, oh, why on Earth did EA have to change the name to "Wars", Twilight would have been a perfect name...). It's rumored to be either the Forgotten (which I doubt somewhat) or a new alien race (which I have reasonable suspicion to believe to appear).

» News: C&C: The First Decade (View)14:37 05.11.05
This compilation would be great except for one thing. Most C&C Fans have already bought most of the C&C games listed. There are only four games I have not bought already (that are listed). Those are the original C&C, it's expansion (Covert Operations) and both Red Alert 1 Expansion Packs. Now, paying $40 for a game, and 3 expansion packs isn't terrible...

And I guess it is a fair compensation as if you buy it New off websites, one of those games run you up $40 by itself.

However, I am a bit irritated that NOW EA is releasing this pack. About a year or so ago, they released the "Command & Conquer Collection Pack which contained 5 of the "newer" games (Tiberian Sun, its expansion, Red Alert 2, its expansion, Renegade, and a Demo of Generals) for a modest $20. I would think a lot of people would have bought that. Now, those people (including me) are a bit angry that now they are releasing all 12 games for $40. What would have made a LOT more sense would be to release a 5-Pack of
  • The Original Command & Conquer
  • Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert - The Aftermath
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Counterstrike

Why? Not that many people own the original, and the Red Alert expansions (well, at least not me).

Or, instead of the compilation, they could have just still sold the older ones by themselves.

Also, the 12-Pack is confusing. If someone was interested enough in C&C to buy this pack, they probably owned at least one of the games. I would think that people who have not tried it would be a little wary at buying a compilation which is $4 a game.

Plus, a LOT of people will be pissed that they spent around $20-40 per game if they bought it when it was in stores (Ex: Generals Deluxe = $40).

Who knows? Maybe it'll attract a lot more C&C fans, but it may just piss off many old ones.

» Corrupted Save Files (View)02:43 29.10.05
Does anyone know if a "corrupted" save file can be fixed? If so, could some-one tell me how?

The Situation:
This is definitely one of the absolute oddest file corruptions that ever happened to me. I was playing the Demolitions General Challenge against Prince Kassad. I saved the game, and the next day tried to load it, the file somehow considered itself corrupt when I tried to load it (tried many times) and each time I tried, it said that a serious error occurred. Other files work perfectly (even files on the same challenge map). I do not understand why a completely random file corruption occurred. I tried what the EA Official Help Site said (to "Redo" the Options.ini file), but it didn't do anything.
There is only one possible way I think it may have got corrupted; the save game file was saved while my computer was connected to the Internet (forgot to disconnect). However, I do not know if that could have anything to do with the corruption (it shouldn't as I have played and saved files while I was on the Internet before with no corruption).

Again, is it possible to "fix" a corrupted save file? If so, I'd be very happy if informed. Thank you.

P.S. Also, if you know what may have caused this corruption, info would be useful.

» Units you wish to see (View)21:33 12.04.05
I too, would also enjoy having the Cruiser back. It was the funnest unit of RA1. I would like some of the special bonuses (country) bonuses to be purchasable. Nothing better than a couple of Grand Cannons and Demo Trucks. Wink

I also just REALLY pray that EA does not turn the respectable Command and Conquer series into a pile of crap that will be forgotten. Westwood did a great job, hopefully, EA will live up.

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)21:21 12.04.05
Although this would probably NEVER happen. I wish damage was more realistic. It doesn't take 20 tank shells to take down a G.I. Or having jeeps take down a tank (they could use armor-peircing bullets though, that would make more sense).

» What gameplay features do you feel are needed the most? (View)23:38 11.04.05
RA3 is interesting. It could bomb (some hated Generals, some enjoyed it), or it could be very good (like RA2. Did you know RA2 is in some EA Greastest Titles for PC Collection?).

I also wonder what the story could be? US and Soviets already annihilated each other, 3 times (unless you also consider the RA1 Expansions).

Yeah for Tanya!

1. More balanced Superweapons (Yuri's Psychic Dominator [or whatever it was called] was WAY too powerful).
2. Maybe 3D like Generals (3D looked kind of good).
3. More CG Movies (Westwood made some good ones).
4. A good story.
5. Fun like RA2.
6. Tanya, yay!
7. Better Heros.

» Hell March 3 (View)23:17 11.04.05
Yeah, Hell March is still my favorute music track from any C&C game. In RA2 it sounded weirder, but still cool. The music so accurately displays the workings of war. Shouting, marching, and other stuff. It's a excellent song.