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» Storyline Idea (View)00:03 11.09.05
i dont even know y im posting it but it would be funny if it were made into a weapon on sum stupid game lol (i tried this took 7 hours)

if u get the magnetic powder stuff... (or grind up magnets lol) then get it so theres a negative (-) ball thing in the middle then have a bunch of - powder stuff around it, it pushes outwards so then u get positive (+) powder stuff on the outside of the negative its a floating metal ballGrin really wierd.. (dont attempt this unless u got spare megnets, a sharp knife and plenty of time lol)

heres a pic (|= + and := -)

|: : :|
|: : :| (just in a sphere)

doesnt work with fridge megnets...
i also think i disobeyes some laws of science and gravity but if u kick it, it falls apart

» What RS games do u have? (View)23:54 10.09.05
pretty much what RS games do u have and how often do u play them

:im just trying to get alot of posts

» England 0 Northern Ireland 1 (View)23:52 10.09.05
i dont even know what sport your talking about

» It's that sad time of year.... (View)23:50 10.09.05
i have never played cricket.... then again canada is more happy during winter lol :P

» How did you find CNCSeries? (View)23:49 10.09.05
went to to look up a thing for tiberian dawn but it turned out all generals ea games... pfff anyway theres links there

» Idea's for RA3 Storyline (View)20:10 05.09.05
esh this is the to the guy who isnt talking about beards.... (the robby guy)

esh the reason for kanes appearance in the end of RA1 is already explained in TS... its cuz he travelled back in time so he could win the war against GDI like he says, He who conquers the past, Commands the future. so he went back in time without the chrono stuff... but thats a good idea brining in TS to RA i thought bout that 2... But since kane dies in TS (if u play GDI) he would havta come back like halff cyborg

» Any Poker Fans? (View)19:49 05.09.05

» ideas for ra3 (View)06:52 04.09.05
i dont think they should have the bulldozers in it thats like age of empires style it should still be like the originals

ahh the super ppl... tanya should still be in it i wouldnt really change anything with her giving her more armor maybe but then she'd cost a shit brick more but yea there should also be kane as previously said and for ppl saying wierd things about him getting a chrono and that explaining his appearance in RA1 there already is an explination in TS.. his saying is he who controlls the past commands the furture and in TS, RA1 is the past which is why he says that

he should bring in nod to RA but that would be wierd maybe be like less high tech crap but keep the cyborgs those guys are pro is he is a hero guy u can use he should have is arm blown off in something so he has the cyborgs chain gun arm with like Flak gun for planes but stronger and make him slower but able to snipe putting his chain gun in semi auto state.. that wud be sweet

» ideas for ra3 (View)06:47 04.09.05

Originally posted by Radiation...
Or a transport thing that can carry 5 men and can dig underground, and infiltrate the enemy base. Eg. build like 5 filled with engineers and pop up in their base and take it over lolGrin

this is an older post but esh man play ts they have the subterrainial apc and they dont work, they just get blown upas soon as they surface

» Hell March 3 (View)06:36 04.09.05
personally i think they should make so when a certain number of units are fighting (your units at their base) it should auto play something like the into in orion (an instrumental by metallica) and have a whole differant song for when its at your base and auto tune for when ur following a scout around n stuff that would be proHappy so then the person doesnt even notice but all of a sudden when all his units are going phyco on an enemy base this pro music comes on

» Units you wish to see (View)06:22 04.09.05
bout them demo trucks he he he in RA1 heres a lil trick put a demo truck in a transport (the boat things) then once the boats near shore have it do the force fire thing on a building then when it opens it will expload before it gets out then if u move it fast enough the truck will be in the transport unharmed - he he its hard tho

yea also i hope ea doesnt screw up on it like they probly will

» HISTORY OF THE MAKING! (View)06:12 04.09.05
esh skirmish in RA1 is crazy! out of no where at the beggining 40 heavy tanks come rolling in (or20/20 light n medium) but all u havta do is is get plenty artillery Grin blows most of em up (heavy tanks tank quite a few hits and basicly roll over them tho so u need a couple of med tanks to hold em off with air support) either way it is hard lol but the story line is much better than the others..

i just tried to pull bout 7 story lines out of my ass and all ended up being in TS lol so im not even gonna bother but i think it should be more RA1 like

» Storyline Idea (View)05:54 04.09.05
now how the hell did you come up with that shit? good idea but kinda pointless to post it here not like westwood would be looking at all the C&C fansights for ideas lol
but thats pretty good

» Nadal is beating Federer (View)23:07 03.09.05
i dont really get what your saying bout the mammoth but yea tenns is pretty boring but baseball may be manly or w/e u say but its very boring to watch

i prefer things like MXC now thats a sportGrin or boxing (its fun to beat ppl u dont know up)

» What scars have you got? (View)22:58 03.09.05
esh i have 1 on my forehead :Never stand close to a door when 9 year olds are present:

1 on my leg from biking... wood can be sharpUnhappy
a wierd cat scratch from when i was 6
1 in my armpit from trying to climb a big barbed wire fence (smart eh?)
thats about it for scars but i am missing part of my toeGrin
oh yea i hada get part of my finger replaced (well i never HAD to) big scar there

yea... thats bout ti

» Star Wars Three, anyone? (WARNING SPOILERS!!!) (View)22:46 03.09.05
ummmm...... peanuts?

» Em... (View)22:45 03.09.05
make up news such as:

Rob stuck in a toilet, exlusive coverage here

Lack of news due to aliens constintly probing paul

» Which Messenger version do you use? (View)22:39 03.09.05
I'm using 7.0 i dont even know if this thread is still open but I'm boredHappy

esh those winks.... esh

» What TV Series do you watch? (View)22:36 03.09.05
oh yea Max X and MXC

» What TV Series do you watch? (View)22:35 03.09.05
well i have satilight so i cant say which day cuz theres 5 episodes of everything on every day but heres a list

CSI Miami
Familiy Guy
Trailor Park Boys
Friends (sometimes)
Just for Laughs (only when they have good comidians)
Just for Laughs Gags (Some are halarious some are out rated by the cooking channel)
ummmm oh yea Chappelles Show
and thats about it i think....

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