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» News: Red Alert 3 on Nintendo DS? (View)17:40 08.02.05
I'm Dutch but I've never heard of that site before. Maybe it's just some thing to atract loads of visitors.

» News: EALA Job Cuts (View)10:31 30.01.05
Are they short on money or something?Confused Grin

» Does anyone still play? (View)09:18 23.01.05
I still have this game installed on my PC but I actually only played through the USA campain and then started with the GLA campain but I've never finished it. Haven't played this game in like 4 months...

» How would you like net play handled? (View)09:15 23.01.05
I agree with Paul, they should get rid of the Generals construction system and get back on the 'old' RA2/YR concept. You can easily see what things you can build on all the tabs and you don't have to click every structure if you want to build a specific thing.

//Edit: Whoops, did not read the title very well Confused Roll-Eyes

Oh well, they should use a similar system as RA2 with all the clans and ranking pages. If they're going to provide EVERY clan in the world a free website like thing then it will simply cost too much, it's just not a good idea. But a very small page with some info and rankings should do it.

» News: Red Alert 3 2005? (View)09:10 23.01.05
The actual list was unvealed at a press conference EA gave 2 days ago.

» News: Welcome to Version 8 (View)09:29 08.01.05
Great to have you back Happy I've always liked this site, but now it's even better!