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» News: My copy of RA3 (View)14:57 30.10.08
Buying mine today, going to be away most of the weekend but will be available to beat you after =p

» News: Demo Released (View)13:51 05.03.07
Certainly agree on the zoom, pathfinding is poor at times and units spin around too much before going somewhere. I like the pace, though, it's frantic trying to grab the other tiberium spot and protect it as well as keeping units and tech up to speed at the main spawn.

» Windowed mode (View)17:00 08.12.06
Can't find anything for you, unfortunately.

» ???FAV BAND/SINGER/ARTIST/SONG??? (View)11:09 28.06.06
Yndi Halda
forward, Russia!
Explosions in the Sky
Sufjan Stevens
Modest Mouse
Porucpine Tree
Coheed & Cambria
Wolf Parade

shitloads more Happy

» PS3 or XBOX 360 (View)11:05 28.06.06
I'll take my Wii, thanks.

» Come on England: World Cup Time (View)11:50 22.06.06
Sven has some lovely decisions to make now. He doesn't want to drop Lampard or Gerrard, but I thought Hargreaves had a brilliant game - he really held the middle together, fought for everything, and passed quite well. To be honest, a variation on 4-5-1 looks attractive now. Keep Hargreaves in behind Lampard & Gerrard, with Rooney being supported quickly by Lampard and Gerrard when we attack. Beckham and Cole can push on to provide width when needed, with one dropping back to help Hargreaves. If we're cut out too much, stick Crouch on.

» Tournament Reputation Points Added (View)11:19 13.06.06
Same IP, bigguy.

Also it's oddly coincidental that you don't know each other but happened to be in the same library just minutes apart sticking up for one another on this very forum. How strange!

Start being a good poster or you're banned. Right now, you're awful.

» Tournament Reputation Points Added (View)19:59 12.06.06
Funny. You don't know each other but post from the same computer?


» Tournament Reputation Points Added (View)07:11 12.06.06

Originally posted by dark1...
ey, even though you may be the founder of this website, it doesn't give you the right to call other people names like you called Tsunami_Tank a "cocky prick".
even as the founder of this website you should Know better than that

Rob called him on his inappropriate attitude (i.e., "being a cocky prick"), and gave him a warning. Seems fair to me.

edit: who're you anyway, his roommate?

» Should cncseries post info on older cnc games? (View)07:08 12.06.06

Originally posted by Tsunami_Tank...
at least show some respect Ash

For what, exactly? You've shown none.

» Come on England: World Cup Time (View)20:15 11.06.06

Originally posted by HomeSkillet...
US are ranked 5th in the world, if they win you'd care.

Those rankings are bollocks.

» Should cncseries post info on older cnc games? (View)10:12 11.06.06

Lots of information on the older games.

Originally posted by bigguy563...
As I pointed out, then why should the staff waste their time posting content almost no one will read?

He doesn't want to reply to logical arguments, it seems. But we better shut up or he'll beat us at RA2 or something Happy

» Tournament Reputation Points Added (View)14:06 09.06.06

Originally posted by Tsunami_Tank...
i thank bigguy563 for the nifty info and that someone who actually answered my question but i don't really care about what Fab fab fab has to say, really. i dont need ur opinion Fab fab fab

Uhm, Fap Fap Fap is my title text. I'm Ash. I'm the webmaster along with Rob.


» who likess alkohol? (View)11:37 07.06.06
Lighting sambuca on fire is the way forward, especially when you put it out with your hand. After 6 shots out of the same glass the edge got sticky so I slammed my hand down, pulled it away and it got stuck to me Happy I had a perfect, circular burn on my palm for weeks.

» Tournament Reputation Points Added (View)18:28 04.06.06

Originally posted by Tsunami_Tank...
how in the world are people supposed to get so much reputation points if they hardly get the chance of entering a tournament?

theres more to life than tournament talk have u ever tried maybe rep. points for sending in very good maps or information about a certain game?

and actually try to get info on the previous games so more people would be interested in your site other than what was made after 2000.

Who would care about unit info for the older games now? You can find it anywhere. We try and give content that's worth something, so when Rob started it the unit info was compiled as it was interesting, just like the other games we cover. It'd be a copy-image-write-boring-description over and over again, there's no point.

Rep points are given for many reasons, read the forum FAQ. We can add them for any reason we see fit as well, it isn't a strict rule-based thing.

» News: Red Alert on the PSP!? (View)18:06 03.05.06
He's going to need to change the "Command and Conquer" part of the name. I doubt EA would mind the 'Red Alert', but "C&C" is one of their biggest names and they'll ask him to stop using it. The clone will be fine, but he can't use the brand name like that.

» News: Tiberium Wars at E3 (View)09:13 26.04.06

Originally posted by RJ815...
Quick comment on the link, I don't hope to be burdensome, but the link has a single quote (') on the end of it, which makes it not work properly. Viewing the link can be quickly fixed by just deleting it from the URL, but I just wanted to bring the small issue to your attention.

Thanks Happy

» News: Are EA that stupid? (View)10:56 20.04.06
The oldest C&C 3 site.


» the latest movie you've seen? (View)09:56 10.04.06
Hahaha Ice Age 2 was really enjoyable, no Ace Age 1 but still worth a watch.

(PS a friend works at the cinema so no I haven't spent ~30 in the past fortnight Embarassed )

» the latest movie you've seen? (View)15:23 05.04.06
Seen Hostel, Pink Panther and Inside Man recently. Hostel is nothing special, Pink Panther was so bad in places it was funny, and Inside Man was really good.

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