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» This week i'm mostly playing (View)06:11 04.12.05

Originally posted by Rob...
Can tell your favourite genre Wink

I tried the AO3 demo but I wasn't all that impressed with it to be honest. Was a little bored with it after a while to be frank.

I really liked it, the new graphics and physics are superb, and the Home City concept is something that hasn't really been done in another RTS, it's a very good idea. It can get a little boring, but truth be told, my time is spent playing WoW, trying to catch up to lvl 60 friends.

Do you have to pay a subscription to play WoW?

Yes, but it's worth it, IMO.

- Actually, there's a free trial going on at FilePlanet. It says you don't have to be suscribed, so if you wanna try it...

» This week i'm mostly playing (View)23:00 30.11.05
World of Warcraft MMO goodness.

Age of Empires 3 In my opinion, by far the best AoE game yet. Also sexy graphics ahoy.

Act of War: Direct Action Like CnC:G only a lot better and a lot more realistic.

Waiting for Kingdom Hearts 2, Supreme Commander, and Rise of Legends.

» FTP Clients? (View)01:13 30.10.05
I like SmartFTP.

» BRISTOL: BREAKING NEWS (View)23:07 23.10.05

» I need some help please (View)19:41 18.09.05
RA2 on Amazon

If you're really a cheap SoB...

RA2 on Ebay for $7

RA2 Search Results on Ebay

Edited to fix the URLs.

» What RS games do u have? (View)01:17 12.09.05

Originally posted by Rob...
Downloaded the AO3 trial. It's ok, nothing special.

Cmon, still no image tags...=/

» What RS games do u have? (View)04:55 11.09.05
I think someone needs to be baanneed.

» Most awaited game? (View)03:11 03.05.05

Originally posted by Jim...
I absoloutely loved Desert Combat (is it still availiable for download?),

Desert Combat v.7

]Desert Combat Final Version

Note Desert Combat Final Version requires the installation of DC v.7

I'm also tempted to check out Guild Wars, I played the beta and I really liked it. I'm not sure, has anyone here played it?

» Cossacks II (View)05:40 26.04.05
Fileplanet has a Cossacks II demo if you wanna try it out.

» Em... (View)01:02 26.04.05
EDIT: DAMMIT, no image tags? Angry

» Most awaited game? (View)20:05 22.04.05

Originally posted by Waraddict...

Act of War? If so, MSN me and we can play. Happy

I'm looking forward to Empire Earth 2 (Next week, yay), Battlefield 2, Kingdom Hearts 2 (OMGDISNEY) and Age of Empires 3.

EDIT: Oddly enough, all sequels. :P

» What scars have you got? (View)23:57 12.04.05
I scar VERY easily and I have a nasty habbit of picking scabs...

So I have many scars.

» AYB (View)22:45 10.03.05
Ow, my brain.

I just won by like a jillion.

» What bones have you broken? (View)11:14 28.02.05
I've never broken any bones in my body.

» Return of the Skillet (View)02:21 17.02.05
I remember you.

» =D (View)02:50 16.02.05

» Does anyone still play? (View)00:16 15.02.05
CABAL! *Dances*

» Ongoing Forum Work (View)18:29 13.02.05
I like it. Keep up the good work, Rob!

» Ongoing Forum Work (View)02:18 07.02.05
Good job, Rob! I like the changes personally.

» I Have Returned (View)21:12 27.01.05
Hey, Rawlett.

Err, that's what it was, right? RIGHT?

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