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» HISTORY OF THE MAKING! (View)21:30 07.05.05
Maybe continue the same history but a few years or so afterwards. It would'nt be very beleivable for two armies desemated by war to have at it immediatly and plus if there is a space in time the armies can be updated and changed so that we get new units ie.replacing flk with rockets or chain guns.

» Idea's for RA3 Storyline (View)20:59 06.05.05
Right well here's mine (add your own and comment on mine)

So at the end of the soviet campaign in Red Alert 1, Kane (Tiberian Sun) turns up at the very end film of the campaign. An explanation for this could be, Kane at the end of the war with the GDI, found a chronosphere (which i beleive will be banned at the end of RA3 along with Nukes, Iron Curtain etc. as part of a peace deal with allies and the soviets to develop shared tech. and become GDI to ensure world peace) So Kane find chronosphere and travels back to the First War and becomes a commander in the soviet army. In the second war he bides his time and becomes peice by peice more powerful. In RA3 he is a Soviet general (im writing from the side of the allies as they are usually victorius and the end of their storyline is usually the correct one) So in fighting the soviets Kane becomes a problem, he kills Tanya perhaps and the final level is about stopping him rising to power.It is at this point you receive a message from the future from that black general (name?? sorry)in tiberian sun warning you to destroy chronosphere and Time Travel Tech.You launch a joint attack with the soviets and eventually destroy Kane. This can tie in with a sequel to tiberian sun (if ever!) as after the credits you could see like a beat up injured Kane being lifted to the time travel device and with a few men transport into Russia where you see some Mammoth Tanks in the background and Some Tesla Towers.This would make a complete circle of time Red Alert -> Red Alert 2 -> Command and Conquer -> Tiberiand Sun -> Sequel to Tiberian Sun (someday) -> Red Alert....and so on.

Yuri's Revenge was kinda about time travel so it could be logical to assume a Time War could ensue cause it makes no sense for Kane to be alive in 1946 and in 2030...unless this storyline was just one story from day one.

So anyone else got some idea's?

» ideas for ra3 (View)21:19 02.05.05
Tanya and Boris (and any new hero's) should be cloaked when not firing,HOWEVER, can be seen if ANY UNIT comes too you can put Tanya at the back of your base when not needed and she cant be targeted by snipers.

Tanya: Same abilities as RA2 but stronger armour and faster except she can Capture Buildings(but a bit slower than Black Lotus as she is tooo fast)
Boris: Automatic Sniper Rifle, MIG Strike and Mines.

Storyline: Would love to see an intro from Kane near the end of the game where he could possibly steal a chronosphere and return to the first war betwwen Allies and Soviets , which would explain his appearence at the end of the soviet campaign in RA1)

Hope that the actors all return from RA2, except Romanov and Yuri. I reckon a new leadership for soviets again.The Budget for Live Acting should be highered and should be realy cool, Hope Kari Wuhrer who played Tanya comes back as she was really good.

Weapons and Units:
I would like to see the Chronosphere and Iron Curtain become more effective.

I also would like a system of updates to get super weapons.Ie. a new superweapon is introduced to each side but when fighting you can only purchase 2. Maybe the Ion Cannon should be brought in?

MIGS MIGS MIGS!: the soviets need to have Migs END OF STORY

The allies should have a nice selection of planes 3 or 4 like Generals.

I would also like to see the return of purchasing updates like scorpion rockets, Arm the mob, nuclear tanks etc. from Generals.