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» Install error (View)00:58 02.06.05
It may be the drivers. I'll try that. I ran RA2 on an old PC that barely had the min specs and only had about 4 MB of internal video ram. I am now running RA2 on my home PC ~2.4 gHz, 500 RAM, without any problems, however I did upgrade the video card, agp 128 mb, so I could play General
Thanks for the help guys

» Install error (View)22:46 25.05.05
I am trying to instal RA2 on a new pc and I have hit a snag. I am getting an error message that states "could not create the direct 3d device".
I am using XP as the opperating system. It does have internal video, 64 mb. I would not expect that speed 2.8, or ram, 256 is the issue.

I was told by two other guys that they also could not get RA2 to load up on their new PCs. Any solutions to get me back into trashing the hordes?

» Prince Marries BOW WOW (View)19:09 12.04.05
From this side of the pond, it appears that Prince Charles has not married the pick of the litter, or has he? She must have some realy great hidden attributes, because the skin deep ones are definately LACKING. And what was that goofy bird like thing on her head. I was having flashbacks of Dr Suess's "GO DOG GO".

Or was this the grand plan. Marry a pooch and have a HOT "chamber maid" on the side, because it sure didn't work when he married the hottie and slept with the pooch.

» What scars have you got? (View)18:45 12.04.05
Too many to remember them all without a through body search. The most recent two however ocurred about 3 weeks ago. Paintball shots to the neck and hand. Tried to "bunker" a few guys, (got 2 of 3) but was "lit up" from about 1 meter by the other. Ouch! that hurt

» What TV Series do you watch? (View)18:32 12.04.05
Desperate Housewives, ABC Sundays, Hot Chicks (I am old) and my wife likes it
The Sheild, FOX Tues, a raw cop show set in contemporay Los Angeles
Crime Scene Investigation, Las Vegas, CBS Thurs,

» What are you listening to right now? (View)19:07 04.03.05
Mellissa Etherage, Gimme Some Water

» Snowing.. (View)19:03 04.03.05
The weather in Santa Maria sounds good.....but then we we would have to be in California

» What bones have you broken? (View)19:22 03.03.05
broken nose, ran into a window, cracked rib sister kicked me, two broken fingers while playing Americam football, seperated shoulder doing "monkey rolls", fractured elbow while bar wrestling, all by the time I was 25. I have been a little safer since then

» Snowing.. (View)19:12 03.03.05
Just another beautiful day in the American Midwest. Sunny high of 33F Chance of flurries this evening. Still hoping for that last big Winter storm 6+ inches. Usually get one sometime in March,or early April.

» Supplements (View)19:06 03.03.05
Supplements can be alright if taken in moderation. My favorite has always been two legged TUNA. It always pumps up my muscle

» American Football Players (View)19:00 18.02.05
I will bet that your over weight figure is inaccurate. I would expect that 30% of the American are OBESE, and another 30% are over weight. TOO much food and not enough excersise.

» NHL Cancelled?! (View)18:55 18.02.05
Unfortunately Americans in gereral have not missed the NHL. That sobering fact is just now sinking into both the players and the owners.The salary cap issue will be moot if the is no league.

A salary cap is needed, because it does level th "ice" between large and small markets. Winnepeg without a team is a disgrace. There should also be revenue sharing, but that will not happen until hockey gets a national television contract. TV is where the real money comes from. Hockey has failed miserablely at marketing itself. Football, Baseball, Basketball, even GOLF does a better job of selling itself to the masses.

A Chicago Blackhawks player was being interviewed. He commented that there was a time when he and his buddys would have done anything to play in the NHL. I guess that is something he can think about when he's are back playing pickup games on the pond back home.....And the owners.... Do not ask for public funds to cover you losses due to empty seats in your vaccant stadiums

» American Football Players (View)18:37 17.02.05
Only Boston had a longer "dry spell" than the Cubs or Sox. Neither the Cubs or Sox have won the World Series since ~1917.

The early training of some kids does seem to burn them out toward sports. I have personally seen this happen to two very promising athletes. In general I would say that the inactivity of many Americans is due to the easy distractions that our society provides, TV, fa(s)t foods, PCs. Why excersise to best an opponent or feel good, when I can whoop their butt on line and eat ice creame and cheesy corn chips at the same time.

» American Football Players (View)18:23 16.02.05
.....As for the American bat and ball game..... Pitchers and Catchers report for spring training TODAY. Snow is still on the ground in Chicago and our baseball teams are already practicing to let us down....or is this the year they go all the way

» =D (View)18:19 16.02.05
It would not be the same without ALIEN and his cycle ravings

» American Football Players (View)18:37 08.02.05
In the "town" I live in outside of Chicago, we had ~400 boys AND some girls playing full contact footall. The age range was 7-14 years old. They were typically split into teams by weight and age. We also had a recreational flag football league with ~200 7-14 year olds participating.

I have seen over the last several years, that "youth sports" are getting very competative. We see several off season football clinics and camps targeting the 7-14 year old groups. My son participated in two. About 6 of the 50 boys that were on the same team as my son, were participating in "speed and reaction" camps during the season. We are also starting to see professional trainers working with 8-18 year olds to improve strength, speed, jump, and reaction times. They are selling the opportunity to compete at the highest level and obtain scholerships to universities and colleges. I am seeing this in not only American football but in baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, swim, wrestling and gymnastics. I will bet it is happening in other sports also.

I find it AMAZING (and sometimes repulsive)how much time and money we spend on sports. I guess this is just another example of the Americam psyche: bigger, stronger, faster, and more excessive. (....but are we better for it?????)

» Do you still play? (View)19:36 18.01.05
I've been playing on and off the last few months. Typically at lunch and only in skirmish mode. How does one get to the server noted above?

» Quite possibly the worst lawyer ever (View)19:09 13.01.05
Alright, as I appear to be the lone Yank willing to respond.....

I want the website that has pictures of naked FEMALE cheerleaders stacking themselves in a pyramid.....

It costs extra to have a "dike" looking woman in military uniform lead you around naked with a leash..... the least she could have done is worn less.

America, in particular the US, does not have a monopoly on morons, idiots, and zealots,.....unfortunately they are predominatly in our goverment.

I am willing to bet that the "soldier" was following orders, and used too much enthusiasm and initiative too complete his assignment.

Which makes me ask the question, How do you interrogate enemy soldiers in this day and age? Almost anything could be construed as torture, (you must play "Dune" for the next 12 hours). How do you know who the enemy really is when the enemy doesn't follow the same "rules of war" that you are to abide by?

...and the laywer's words are moronic

» Congrulations (View)18:34 10.01.05
Thanks Ash. It has been ages

» Gadgets (View)18:32 10.01.05
Christmas money............Spent it all and them some on stuff for the wife and kids, dog, Xbox, Games; (Halo2, Star Wars, paintball, Rome) Clothes and "Sparklies" for the wife.

......but if I did have a bunch of cash from Christmas I would get a 48", (1 1/3 m) Plasma television.

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