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» News: C&C First Decade - Box Art? (View)09:57 14.02.06
I was going to cancel my order when I heard about all the bugs, but as I only paid 17 for it I decided not to bother.

» Article: Girls and Command & Conquer (View)11:35 05.02.06
What about Crimson? She runs n00bstories, the n00bstories Renegade servers, the official Renegade forums and RenGuard Wink

» News: C&C First Decade - Box Art? (View)17:30 31.01.06
It is the official boxart, APOC emailed it to all the webmasters.

Also Amazon are selling it for 17!

» News: We're Back Online - Welcome Back! (View)19:51 31.08.05
You seem to have had a lot of server problems at this Rapid Stores host, is everything OK?

» News: CNCWorld Returns (View)07:52 18.04.05
Thanks for the post Rob Happy

» News: Isgreen Leaves EA - RA3 Dead? (View)23:36 19.03.05
Very unlikely; there's no company in the world that could afford to buy C&C off EA - they aren't that stupid, they realise how much money there is in the series.

» Article: Don't Call It A Comeback (View)22:29 06.02.05
Do you have an illegal copy of the game?

» News: Welcome to Version 8 (View)21:35 07.01.05
It's great to see you guys back, and what a nice site - very cool Happy

Great job!