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» HISTORY OF THE MAKING! (View)03:42 30.06.05
I've never play RA1 before....Unhappy

» i need a strtegy to use aginst the aurora bombers (View)03:33 30.06.05
the most effective weapon of all is gattling canons,but if you are US build aurura bombers ASAP and take out their stuff. maybe stealth fighter at gaurd mode can take them out.If GLA there is no better weapon than thier stinger site hopefully the enemy will leave a GLA hole.Cool Cool

» ideas for ra3 (View)17:27 29.06.05
Yap.engineers are too costy.speaking of infantry, i think not just GI conscript can garrison.All infantry should be able to garrison accept certain ones like dogs or crazy ivan

» Battle Fortress Bug (View)17:14 29.06.05
I always put chronos, seals and GGI for anti air tank and infantry defence. Oh? waypoints??? I dont use it with battle fortress but I group them up and move round the enemy base so the units inside fire as it is moving. So thats how it works, but it must be westwood programing problem...

» Idea's for RA3 Storyline (View)09:45 14.05.05
???and GDI is from REN right?

» HISTORY OF THE MAKING! (View)17:18 09.05.05
I think continuing the history a few years after the war, when the soviet are building up forces,to strike US. When the golden gate bridge and statue of liberty is still under construction. I think that should be a campaign where the soviet try to catch Yuri battle lab for the clonning vats, psychic sensor and tank bunker. These technology are good for soviet. Happy Happy

» tools?? where can i get it? (View)03:28 05.05.05
i want to create renegade map.. where can i get this toolConfused

» ideas for ra3 (View)17:43 04.05.05
you know GEN ??? RA3 should have upgrdes...

» ideas for ra3 (View)07:36 21.04.05
Have you heard of mental omega?? this mod can really balnce yuri's units with the other teams like his psychic tower shoots lasers not mind control.

» The Truth About Modding (View)07:15 21.04.05
Modding??? I've heard about it, never actually made one togther with a mod teams before....Anyway this web is mostly about offical CNC stuff.Cool

» HISTORY OF THE MAKING! (View)07:09 21.04.05
My answer(if you ever ask) should be the continue history after YR! I like to see what happends next. what else can I choose??Happy

» HISTORY OF THE MAKING! (View)07:02 21.04.05
After RA1,2 and YR came out, what RA3 history should it have??? Do you think it should be the continued history after YR? What about the same old RA2 history? Or a completely new history with TOTALLY NO connections with the old history??? What do you all fans think it should be??????

» I need it to stop! (View)06:56 21.04.05
When playing cnc gen(on window xp), my computer have pop ups that is bugging me! it will make me return to my desktop! I HATE IT! Please can anyone help me?

» HELLLLPPP EVERYTHIN BLOWS UP!!!! (View)06:48 21.04.05
I agree with Avianknight it does happaned in ra2 before in my game, probably the only few ways is to restart your game a few times, or reinstall it.It did work the last time I did it but if it still blows sky high, then you should ask for technical support.

» how to create a mod? (View)13:23 09.04.05
Does anybody knows any links or softwares to create mod?(CNCGEN,RA2,YR mods)

» ideas for ra3 (View)06:14 27.03.05
the answer is if Yuri is not in the history well, some CNC fans will not like it without mind control power, accept if you think Yuri technology is cheating..... Or maybe....what so ever

» Random Starting Units - map.ini (View)14:06 26.03.05
WHAT A lllooooonnngggg...... CODE!!! Do you even take a month to write this STUFF????

» ideas for ra3 (View)10:27 26.03.05
I think ra3 should continue the old history like after Yuri is deafeted the soviets might want to come for more to get America! Plus the Yuri they thought killed could still be alived! And the one they killed could be the clone, while the real one is hiding some where developing technologies. The soviets might want to go to a leftover Yuri battle lab to steal his technologies(they want most is the cloning vats). Yuri has lost lots of battle lab technologies, but Yuri still have a dream.......rule the world. Yuri Revenge 2 will be a great expansion pack.

New updates I suggest for RA3

I think there should be more teams like AA(Asian Aliance) and some African Armies should be nice, each with own campaigns, super weapons and techs.Boris, Tanya and Yuri prime price raised to 2000 for new updates.And no stealth like CNC genarals, game will be stupid.

Hero updates

Tanya can have a stronger armored and can shoot and run at the same time. Plus, she can use stealth detectors in the water to find marine units like subs.Tanya can run faster.

Boris also can have a stronger armord too. He walk faster, and now armed with machine flak canon to take down a harier easily as it pass.

Yuri Prime is already very strong, these are his updates.Anti-tank psi wave is yuri prime only way to get out of tanks if he already mind controlled something. One hit can wipe out a few flak tracks and infantry in a single hit.

If you want to tell me what you like to have in RA3, please tell me.