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» Hi,New walkthroughs (View)13:15 21.04.07
ok thanks, i'll create some for cnc 3, though ididnt like the campaign there 2 much..

nod ending i was so pissed off.
the gdi ending it was just so predictabile
and the scrin...
lame excuse to create an expansion pack.

-rush=blitzkrieg=best war doctrine ever.-

» Fave tiberuim wars unit (View)21:40 17.04.07
the mastermind is such a cool unit..
this whole commando issue here and how they are constructed its very RA2 like..

just that the Tanya-(nod commando here-female) is on the red side (nod..)
the boris..(only good vs buildings and infantry yet he is differnet somehow than the female nod commando)
and the mastermind(yuri..purple side -scrin..)

» Nod Campaign ending - total let down (View)21:18 17.04.07
well i also think that the scrin campaign was super lame...
and i also think it it a lame attempt to leave an open door for an expansion pack...
damn those corporations... all they want is to milk my cash out..

» Hi,New walkthroughs (View)21:10 17.04.07
well, i've put a lost of effort into it.. idont think it will be much of a trouble for even some of you to reply my walkthrough.. so i'll know whether to make more of these, or to change the way they are, or not to make at all ..

» Hi,New walkthroughs (View)21:58 10.04.07
Well, i have written 2 walkthroughs to the 2 last soviet missions- red revolution and polar storm, i think they are much better and efficient then the ones published on the site.

please comment me on them.

» Hi all, Question (View)16:32 09.04.07
how can i also rank up?
what is the highest lvl?
does it all depend on my time registerd in this site?

» Fave tiberuim wars unit (View)16:29 09.04.07
What are the odds the raider buggy's abillity shock/emp/pulse thing will stop a tank? is it at random, percentage .. what?

any1 plays wc3 tft? battle net ?

» Hi all, Question (View)16:24 09.04.07
how can i post some of stuff i would like to share about generals,RA2-revenge and CNC?

should i post it here, or put in wrd/txt document and upload it somehow?

-a mind is a terrible thing to waste-/ comrade general YURI (lol)

» Hi all, Question (View)15:12 08.04.07
Is there a NOD carry vehicle?
and does the patch contain new units? for exampe a carryall airplane?
or these new units will be released at the expansion pack?

» Fave tiberuim wars unit (View)15:09 08.04.07
hi all.
my favorite unit is the zone troopers, for 2 reasons they look so cool, and they have so cool abilities. ^_^

and does any1 besides me think that the nod side is lame and the mamoth is just imbalanced?

» Flame Tank (View)15:00 08.04.07
although flame tank looks good and its rather versatile its very vulnerable...
4-5 shots from predator or so and its a goner.