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» want a good AOD map? (View)15:45 28.03.07
dudes! this aod is really awesome!

» HOW ABOUT SPYING EACHOTHER? (View)15:41 28.03.07
ok, then spying eachother is lame but it's not when other 2 already did it right? man, a swarm upgraded rocketeers always have something apocalyptic.

» Caught any cheaters lately? (View)15:43 25.03.07
good job!

» HOW ABOUT SPYING EACHOTHER? (View)15:18 25.03.07
Look, i am a oldscool player and i just wonder if spying eachother is dirty or not? after all this time i see people giving eachother an MCV to mix technoligies or because his m8 dont have one anymore and repair pad HappySo why people stress out(including myself sometimes because it's on then!)because of spying eachother ? although i'm not down with that.
Me and my m8's dont have to spy eachother we win 90% of the gamesHappy(not so weird though we where there from day one)