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» girls of cnc3 (View)07:20 05.06.07
lol, if you went 2 my site you could have seen it weeks ago.

should be considered news :bow:

» C&C 3 ON EPILEPTIC GAMING! (View)11:08 23.05.07

~Have a look at the videos, its amusing ;D

Watch the crazy cool guys from Epileptic Gaming share their opinions on Command & Conquer 3 for XBOX 360 with their review and an exlclusive interview with Producer Raj Joshi! Prepare to be entertained!

see the video:

» give Romanov some words (View)16:42 20.05.07

what you could do is vote on the poll, on the right side.
and vote what you think :-/

I also ask you, to leave a note as what you think about the man and what he did.
that can be done in this topic, from that I'll select some and place them on homepage etc.

[url=""]topic link[/url]

» READ PLEASE (View)21:35 19.05.07
the site was down etc so heres some news.


joomla is set up but not done.

forum is set up and made some parts so you guys can already post please do Happy
as i do it hear i hope you guys reward me in a way

» ramanov dead (View)16:26 19.05.07
Nicholas Worth a.k.a. Premier Alexander Romanov

of the C&C Red Alert 2 series has died of an hart failure.
He was aged 69 years.

~I found him very cool in the series and same 2 see him go~

Rest In Peace Wink

click me

» Were Back Soon.... (View)11:43 19.05.07
*Heads Up*

Were almost back CNCGS was hosted on the s2 server wich went down were now moved after about 1,5 week downtime to s1.

I and the host have planned to work more to gether on the making of the new site.
What you can expect is a combination of Joomla (as homepage) and SMF (forum) and we will have a skinner do the skinning (lol) [thumb]

I hope 2 enabled that people can upload stuff such as scripts, maps en more stuff like these site shouldnt be up in a couple of days and from there on we will be buildig up the design.


We will be providing mod hosting if correct when its up.
I will be open for costum userbar request on the forums.
And will put up not alone C&C userbars on the site and forums but also other stuff...

...i really hope to see you guys soon [thumb]

» just wondeing (View)21:22 24.04.07
I'm no cncseries guy but a cncgamingsource guy but you can expect some new stuff on my site Grin

» kane indian pride (View)13:08 22.04.07

» new fan wallpapper (View)23:33 17.04.07
hey guys Cnc Gaming source (

has released a fan wallpapper for C&C3 or in nother words I made a wallpapper and could you guys please announche it Grin

^^thats the wallpappers, enjoy^^

» you gamers review (View)12:55 15.04.07
you gamers has REVIEWED C&C3, and scored 85/100

The Command & Conquer series needs no introduction. If you've somehow managed to miss the defining RTS game franchise, don't worry: there's no need to play the old games in the series to get up to speed. Even if you're not allergic to dated graphics, there's really nothing to gain from playing the classic C&C anyway. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars gives you the same game with new, beautiful graphics and a good deal of tweaks and improvements..

read full interview: here

» kane as you never saw him (View)23:45 14.04.07
its 2 big for the the forum so you can find it in my blog post:

please do credit me =)

» ea news (View)18:00 10.04.07

Why do you need a response when we have consistently said the stats issue is being worked on?! This is getting a bit ridiculous. Everyone take a big breath and relax, I promise you this is our top priority and we're addressing as quickly as humanly possible ).gif

I apologize for not replying on page 8 or 15 or 21, but again, we've been working very hard on correcting the stats issue.

Your stats are still there, it is a server back-end processing issue that we are working out and should have resolution on very soon. Once we do, all of your stats will be updated that you don't see. Right now they are just taking significantly longer to update.

Also, we have not started any tournaments or contests related to stats, so you are not missing out on anything but personal pride. Believe me, I understand completely.

We will get this fixed asap as we having been working towards.

Apologies all around if you feel we have not communicated this well, but we stickied threads, talked in the lobbys, trust us, this is our top priority.

Operation Fix Stats has been well underway. Will keep you posted promptly.

Thank you,

ps. please post on:

» Campaign Progress? (View)23:12 05.04.07
played first time today arrived yesterday I'm at lvl 7 of nod lvl 2 gdi I like nod more played 2 times online and won both easily and I would beat you guys easy 2 Grin

I'm gonna be less active its not like you guys post on my forum in return orso

» new review (View)14:28 02.04.07
HookedGamers has now also released a review read the snipper below

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars delivers everything expected from the long standing C&C series. With easy and fun gameplay that still offers up a challenge along with massive multiplayer community content. Whether you are playing solo with the well written campaign storylines or you have found your competitive spirit among the ranked multiplayer community, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars will offer up hours of challenging gameplay and fun that will keep you coming back for more.

or read the full interview

» News: Patch 1.03 Released (View)14:22 02.04.07
ok well I'm posting a review you'll not find it there Tongue

» News: Patch 1.03 Released (View)00:48 02.04.07
guys come on please credit

» Patch 1.03 is out.. (View)00:07 02.04.07

» News: Patch 1.1 Live Today (View)09:39 30.03.07
1.02 is out check my post

» new wallpapers (View)09:28 30.03.07
ea has released new wallpappers what you think :sweat:


get them now

» patch 1.2! (View)01:02 30.03.07
I update your news again lol please post around on my forum.

Hey everyone,

Patch 1.02 is now live. This addresses a number of critical technical issues relating to the patching process and our lobby system.

CRITICAL NOTE - If you were having issues connecting online to download patch 1.01 yesterday, we are making the EXE of patch 1.02 available later today around the late afternoon on our official site for direct download. If you still cannot connect online to download patch 1.02, then you'll need to download the EXE for your country which will be available on our official site in just a bit.

Below are the read-me notes for patch 1.02 and 1.01.

Version 1.02 Patch Notes - March 29, 2007


This patch for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars addresses two issues:

Bug Fixes

Fixed an error that caused the list of available matches in the Custom Match Lobby to constantly refresh to the top of the list.

Other Changes

Improved the patching process to ensure all players are prompted to receive the latest version of the game when attempting to play online or using the "Check for Updates" feature in the Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Control Center utility.


Version 1.01 Patch Notes - March 27, 2007


This patch for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars fixes several bugs and exploits:


Scrin Mastermind's Teleport Units ability maximum range reduced.

GDI Engineers, Nod Saboteurs, and Scrin Assimilators can no onger capture structures when under the effects of the Scrin's hase Field support power.


Improved video playback on low- end system configurations.

Balance Changes

Scrin Storm Column cost / build time increased to 3,000 credits/30 seconds.

Scrin Buzzer health reduced to 75 and weapon damage type changed to SNIPER.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an error that would occasionally result in a crash in Nod vs. Nod matches on the multiplayer map Deadly Sertao.

Fixed issues with automated map transfer feature in multiplayer.

Fixed an error that would sometimes cause a Commentator's telestrator drawings to not erase as intended while viewing BattleCast replays.

Fixed issues with replay file playback.

Fixed placeholder text and chat log errors with the Comrade in-game chat window.

Other Changes

Fixed an error in README.txt file regarding location of saved game files in Windows Vista; added references to EA Link version of the game; added disclosure about in-game advertising

(Note: the EA Link version of the game ships with this updated ReadMe file).

References to Nod's "Avatar Warmech" unit have been changed to "Avatar".


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