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» Battle Report: RobCNCSeries Vs. PaulCNCSeries (View)13:01 09.04.07
Although I haven't played online (and am unlikely too for some time due to time available and the fact I aint anywhere near finishing single-player) I'd imagine youd really want to have cranes in your build order. Just imagine the rush potential in ra2 with these...

» I NEED HELP WITH THE TANK RUSH.... (View)15:43 29.10.06
Not used much. Occassionly used by players where bases are close together, space isnt aplently and neither wants to attack/break formation. The tesla coil with tesla men is then used to attack as its got longer range and forces opponent to move/do something.

» Should cncseries post info on older cnc games? (View)05:20 12.06.06

Originally posted by Tsunami_Tank...
i'm sure that Rob is tired of receiving emails of people complaining that he doesn't have the info for the game.

Originally posted by Tsunami_Tank...
like what websites? cause i'm not gonna waste time searching on google for it

You see thats what i don't fully understand. You won't as you put it waste time googling (which in itself indicates the worth of what you want added). Ppl like you will happily spend that time moaning, complaining and maybe even emailing when in less time with google they could have the info they require.

» Change QM in following ways to enhance the validity of ladder rankings (View)23:20 09.04.06
Well in RA2, the 3 min rule is no longer and I think you could always switch taunts off

» Battle Report: fonger Vs. WinWinWin (View)15:43 11.02.06
A tactic quite often used by some top players is too attempt to go for 1 miner more than the opponent. Not necessarily saying this happened here, but i know when i was doing it others would keep building miners as well.

» Battle Report: if10aty0u Vs. tututule (View)15:24 09.02.06
Well against allies as sovs id usually just go 1 miner. Id rather the Allied player was keeping me at bay rather than the other way round.

» Battle Report: ReCoRDiNG Vs. AuSieJacK (View)16:20 07.02.06
I'm more interested in how sovs deal with korea on that map. The trouble Paul gave me on that map Embarassed

» Battle Report: ReCoRDiNG Vs. AuSieJacK (View)01:12 07.02.06
Nice one Chris Cool
Would really love to see a top iraq player vs a top korea player on sp if thats possible sometime.

» News: January Over - New Points Record (View)22:11 01.02.06
Yep , no playing til end of march Unhappy Gotta make do with pro evo.

» the latest movie you've seen? (View)18:18 26.01.06
Last film I saw in the cinema was the producers. It was awful beyond belief.
Out of interest what was the best film you saw that came out in 2005? Id say Cinderella Man.

» Countering terror drones (View)18:47 20.01.06
Depends what you mean, how are drones causing the problems? Miners? or just stopping you from attacking. Sentry and keep miners together usually helps with people who drone miners. Failing this be prepared to build a service depot. As for attacking someone who has a lot of drones, i usually find building a miner or two for attack purposes can be useful. If not it wont do your economy any harm. Im assuming here you have the tank advantage.

» What are you all doing? (View)06:16 13.01.06
Should be able to play next week (though after that week, not until easter).

» What are you all doing? (View)17:59 12.01.06

Originally posted by Rob...
Doing past papers and planning answers is something I usually don't bother with - it's usually purely revision and note taking.

I usually find doing past papers and planning answers (without other revision) is better than just purely revision and note taking.

Just been having a really tough week of work at uni at the moment. Still its near over thankfully after tomorrow Happy

» If you feel like jumping in... (View)21:08 11.01.06

I do know very well the work you put into all this is done voluntarily, but for people who paid money to play these games, at least a decent service can be expected.

This was the only quote that caused any problem. You justified a 'decent service' based on the money you paid. However I know that i definitely got more than value for money when i got the game. You are right to suggest improvements and fact is the service is still decent (given what was paid).

They simply put need more staff. You cant expect them to do everything for free and good staff are hard to get. Just look at the number of cheaters there actually is and how easily they lie, its almost a good indication of the trustworthiness of people that are involved with the game. Staff you can trust are hard to come by, even Rob had problems with this if i remember right. Also would you volunteer your services?

One step that should improve the situation is the permanent bans though which would hopefully reduce the number of cheat reports required Happy

» Bans a little bit stricter (View)15:26 04.01.06
It depends, id say if the dogs in one click end up exactly beside the derricks, then there is definite suspicion (especially for multiple derricks). Of course if they know the map well, it will be around the general area however id doubt they get it exactly beside the derrick.

» Battle Report: impasse Vs. robofcncs (View)19:02 29.12.05
You forgot to mention the result would have been different if he was playing as jackosdad Wink

» Battle Report: prdezvous Vs. Chaotixs (View)19:00 29.12.05
Some help Confused he practically took out half my army Angry
GG Tongue

» Battle Report: robofcncs Vs. f1reburn (View)14:55 29.12.05
I'm pretty certain there was a time when that tactic was the norm but it seems times have changed. It by no means wins you a game (as rob will testify Embarassed ) however if you micro properly I reckon it does.

I dont see what you mean by being open to a base trade tho, given that the center of the map can essentially be made a choke pointwith your units if played right. Your going to at least be very behind in the base trade assuming the player on the right lets ou past the middle intact.

» Battle Report: robofcncs Vs. f1reburn (View)14:01 28.12.05
Well i know left can win but it because right simply aint played it right. 2 war facs ?? Confused
Im recalling from memory but i think a standard qm build for someone on the right was to build 1 miner from fact and have a couple of refineries. They could then sell the yard and take the middle (with lots of fodder). By this stage it is extremely difficult for left to move (without stopping tank production and being way behind on fodder whilst defending at the same time). This usually left no one with the middle, but the right usually wins as they have more ore on their side.
So for someone doing this to me, counter-tactics anyone ?

» Battle Report: robofcncs Vs. f1reburn (View)03:52 28.12.05
Just pray you dont get left, if right plays well enough its game over.

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