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» How can BLACK LOTUS moving while capture building's ? (View)03:58 20.10.06
Yes, Black lotus can capture building while moving away but not running away to a veri far distant.

Compare black and other infantry that can capture building, she is veri good as she can capture building from a distant, and much more faster.

» Please teach me more about Zero H0ur (View)05:14 13.10.06
ECM tanks are effective, onli if the scud launcher is alone and not with other tanks, also, ECM tank is those 1-hit-and-die so it will need alot of cash. while my tanks is fighting those scud launcher, enemy will use their tank and attack me from another site, wad a headacheRoll-Eyes

» Please teach me more about Zero H0ur (View)06:29 12.10.06
Thank You. I will try ur building tactic, but, is it ok if i dun build an airfield? i dun think i will use it often.

» Please teach me more about Zero H0ur (View)16:23 11.10.06
Thanks, but cash will be not enough if a air base were set up early, u see. i do spend cash on my base defense with a bunker with 5 Tank Hunter which total up cost 2,400 but they are more effective and a gatt canon. is there anything wrong with my defense. So i dun hav enough cash for an air base, i still need to build my army.

Is there any tactic that u can recommand for me? I was actually troubled by how to start an early base, like wad is important to b built early.

» Please teach me more about Zero H0ur (View)06:40 11.10.06

I play CnC:Zero Hour and i use China for skirmish games.

I am often defeated by GLA, 9 out of 10 I am defeated by the same reason and same units (rocket buggy and scud launcher). I have tried many ways to attack them, but they are always out of range and i can hardly get close.

Please help me on this problem, I have lost many units just to get 1 scud launcher destoryed. The buggy is also very irritating, their missile does alot of destruction to my base, what should i do to prevent myself from being attacked by this 2 units over and over again.

Thank you for replying and even more thank you for helping me.Happy