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» News: 10 years old today! (View)23:43 13.02.11
i play alot of the 360 now Happy I am playing mostly fallout new vegas and call of duty black ops

» File: First Strike 2 (View)00:20 09.07.10
It deffinly a RA2 mod you can tell from the words he is using also unless the guy actually has access to a time machine it cant be RA3 as it says it was put on the site in 2004 Tongue .

» Server Upgrade - Testing (View)19:41 21.04.10
Yeah the servers are in the uk now Grin im good thanks rob just jamming cnc 4 at the moment

» command and conquered (View)21:29 20.04.10
command and conquer 4 done Grin keep up people Tongue

» command and conquered (View)20:33 18.04.10
Updated! command and conquer 4 nod side done Happy

» RA2 Throw-back Tournament (View)21:20 15.04.10
it was a shame this never happened it would have been awesome Unhappy

» Allied Mission 10 mirage tactics (View)19:55 13.04.10
typical rushers Tongue

» Command and conquer 4 (View)20:17 11.04.10
Just finished the single player for nod.Gameplay is deffinly not cnc anymore but the story is better than cnc 3 thats good.Im not sure why they threw in you having a wife.

She was annoying and didnt add anything to the game

» Command and conquer 4 (View)00:00 08.04.10
Hello everybody i know i am a bit late but i have finally got hold of cnc4 Happy so were wondering if any of the old crew were about that have played it.

» EA giving away tiberium sun way for free (View)22:41 16.02.10
EA is giving away Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and the Firestorm expansion absolutely free.So any fans of the old school RTS go to

and download it.

for the brotherhood Grin

» Command and conquer 4 announced (View)01:58 23.01.10
and here is the announcement trailer

sorry guys been back a few days and i am already double posting Eek

» Command and conquer 4 announced (View)01:55 23.01.10
Well it seems to make sure ea totally destorys the command and conquer brand they have there sights on the tiberium universe again.After a slight return to form with Tiberium Wars they want to change the entire way c&c is played.This will change it into what the true c&c fans dont want like they did with RA3.Heres the trailer anyway Tongue.

» News: Paul and Rob resurface (View)01:48 23.01.10
I dont believe i missed this typical they come back after i gave up playing cnc for a while. Unhappy

» WHERE THE F*$% IS EVERYONE?!?!?!?! (View)01:15 25.12.08
quick check does anybody still check this ite lol and what are you guys up 2

» Having trouble getting Tiberium Wars to work (View)09:28 24.11.08
have you tired reinstalling it because sometimes when you download it it doesnt download properly and then has problems when playing the game happened to be when i downloaded red alert 3 but since the reinstall seems to be running perfectly hope that helps

» News: Red Alert 3 online - a big mess (View)11:46 15.11.08
same here erik and fallout 3 that game is pure genius Grin

» News: Sense and Sensibility; or, EA. (View)11:45 04.11.08
When i orginally heard this i was shocked Eek not that i have ever been banned from a offical forum before but i know how it can happen to pretty much innocent people as a comment or joke took badly by an admin then they have a go at the person the person goes to defend himself while still being angry a wrong word here or there and bang a ban slapped on the person as admins are humans and they all have bad days but normally this would mean the person is banned from the forum for a couple of months.The person banned would probly be abit pissed off but other than that would be okay but if what EA says they want to do is put in place that means the person cant play any ea games anymore so just because of a slight misunderstanding on a forum an innocent person cant play there favourite games anymore Eek sorry but thats just wrong.Im glad to see EA have stopped this but i feel that EA are getting abit too big for there boots as now they seem to be trying to push the gaming community around trying to control the community as much as possible instead of us telling them what we expect from them.I have always been a fan of electronic arts ever since the mega drive days but now they have seemed to have turned into a money hungry selfish corporation that have no intrest in there customers but more on how much money they can take from us Angry.But we start needing to show EA that they should be trying to keep us happy not the other way round.

» News: My copy of RA3 (View)18:56 31.10.08
ive been playing ut alot today at i35 its a good game and has abit more back to westwood days about it the actings isnt to great but it feels like somethings missing like the more complex parts of the game has been removed especialy in the campaign as now its always finish off your base and then build an army and then go over there and kill everybody there no real "missions" in campaign also the only one refinery to ore producer is really boring as theres nothing you can do to help or muck up your economy its like build refinery where it says then go away and build more tanks Unhappy but i still like the game its fun to play and has some classic C&C moments so i would give it 7/10

» News: My copy of RA3 (View)09:32 31.10.08
what is this return of the old skool lol good see all you guys back Grin and hope you stay just weird that ra3 has managed to get you all posting at the same time for once than one person turning up then disappearing then another coming bach etc so welcome back guys and how are things

» News: My copy of RA3 (View)21:09 30.10.08
im getting mine at 00:01 tommorow at i35 Grin also we get it at a discount price for being at i35 Grin and theres a nice bar in the same room this place rocks lol