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» XWIS League (View)20:31 18.12.05
Hey everyone, just to let you all know that I'm running a small RA2/YR league over the Christmas holidays. The forum for this league is here and I'd appreciate any and all support.

There will most likely be prizes for the winner. Happy

» What do you look like? (View)16:18 14.11.05
Hawt. Tongue

» Article: Trials And Tribulations (View)16:42 10.11.05

Originally posted by Paul...
And, as ever, a sense of community links back to the days of Westwood. Lion is knowing in this respect; a form of mutual appreciation rarely seen since. It'll be VERY interesting to see if Petroglyph exploit EA's weakness here and offer a much more personal relationship with their fans. A faceless corporation is nothing to a community. A community, by definition, is not built on individuals without an identity... a corporate identity simply doesn't suffice.

Petroglyph have already taken over EA in the sense of getting involved in the community.

It's not out of the ordinary to see Delphi or some of the other Petro guys posting on community websites and forums.

» FTP Clients? (View)19:53 31.10.05

Search for FileZilla and you're sorted.

» BRISTOL: BREAKING NEWS (View)17:21 24.10.05

Originally posted by Paul...
*looks at the qualified teams list*

*notices NI aren't there*


*... and some more*

Lol, we still beat England.


» BRISTOL: BREAKING NEWS (View)15:10 19.10.05
I'll stop posting then. We won. Ha.

» BRISTOL: BREAKING NEWS (View)21:02 17.10.05

Originally posted by Paul...
I heard he's been balls deep.



» Modding advice/help (View)17:07 10.10.05
Take a look around DeeZire. Search is your friend. Wink

» Whos still alive? (View)17:18 27.09.05

Originally posted by Jim...
Playing some Battlefield 2 these days.

I played that for about 2 weeks. After that it was just repetitive... Good game though.

» What RS games do u have? (View)22:12 12.09.05
You could add a size limit I'm sure.

» England 0 Northern Ireland 1 (View)17:37 12.09.05

» How did you find CNCSeries? (View)23:46 10.09.05
Put 'wtf' into Google.


Seriously though, I found a link to the site on RADEN about 10 months ago when I just entered the community and kept visiting even though the site was dead at that stage.

» Whos still alive? (View)16:03 01.09.05
Just started 6th form, workload is kinda immense to put it lightly, but hell, we get our own common roon and my Art teachers are damn FINE.

Summer was balls.

» The Silence (View)22:16 05.07.05

Originally posted by Rob...
We need a new game to be announced. All the other sites seem to just report the latest render released by the various mods around.

It's boring and repetetive. When we have the power to actually do something original, we will.

You won't win any prizes for originality in this community... people want C&C news, not inspiring ideas.

» The Silence (View)20:58 26.06.05
Think they have exams or something.

So did I and was still able to do C&C things... I'm sure everyone's different.

» New base design! (View)23:48 05.06.05
You think he hasn't tried it??

These peeps are experienced - they know what wins games, and I'll tell ya, making a tiny base doesn't get you anywhere.

» Wtf? (View)18:27 12.05.05
Where did it go? Tongue

» Who maps? (View)00:09 12.05.05
Read the whole thread fool! Tongue

» Wtf? (View)22:29 11.05.05
Why's there a dot at the bottom of CNCSERIES linking to


» Who maps? (View)22:27 11.05.05

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