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» Come on England: World Cup Time (View)21:53 01.07.06
As expected a quarter final exit. A real shame that England couldn't make it past the cheating Portugese, but a moment of madness from Wayne Rooney combined with poor squad selection were both unforgivable.

2010 here we come.

» Come on England: World Cup Time (View)21:15 25.06.06

We have the players. We have the skill. We have the belief. We have Wayne Rooney (soon).

You have ... no depth in your mediocre squad.

After four decidedly average performances I'll be pleasantly surprised if England progress pass the quarter finals.

World Cup in your lifetime? Maybe when we're all old and incontinent.

» ???FAV BAND/SINGER/ARTIST/SONG??? (View)21:41 29.05.06

English is my first language. Please use it.

That is all.

» Who uses Ebay? (View)14:20 21.05.06
I bought a camelbak off it a year or two ago. That's about it. Much bigger fan of using things like

» Rugby (View)21:32 12.05.06
I'm 6 foot and five English inches. I'm sure I would have been an inch taller were it not for rugger bugger when I was wee.

» Rugby (View)18:50 10.05.06
Prop (when short) and Second Row (when tall). Played club, school and district. Am sure the constant pressure on my neck from scrumming stunted my growth somewhat.

» Top 10 Member Reps (View)22:59 08.05.06

Originally posted by Gen_Lodish...
i hope to acheive beening in the top 10, one day.

If you give me a pound I'll swap. I'm not fussy.

» What are you all doing? (View)22:57 08.05.06
Exams begin 19th of May and cease on the 31th. Just now I'm getting to know the layout of the insides of the library very well.

Exams are pish.

» Forum Activity? (View)22:55 31.03.06
The Franchise is dead folks.

Kill yourself.

» have fun (View)10:51 27.02.06
The healthiest thing you could possibly have done. I salute you.

» mood: cocky (View)20:54 26.02.06
hoo-rah indeed.

» Boogie-tastic (View)11:36 26.02.06
My head hurts. Scotland for the six nations.

» Boogie-tastic (View)19:21 25.02.06

Time to get lashed up. Boogie time.

» *dances* (View)18:50 23.02.06
muchos thankos.

I'm currently driving my Dad's speedy red fiesta. Or rather, not driving it because I have no particular need for a car. (Aside from pimpin' with my 'hos. And rollin' with my homies'. Naturally.)

I had a look around, but the insurance bracket for males, 18-25, as the sole driver of a car simply isn't economically viable. Quite happy driving my Dad's car when I need it - plus it means I can nick his fuel.

» *dances* (View)22:07 20.02.06
Passed mine this morning. Aside from having to get a light aircraft to the pavement from where I reverse parked I did rather spiffingly.

6 minors. One of them was not knowing how to check power steering function. Apparently "wiggling the wheel" wasn't technically correct.

» Band of Brothers (View)18:15 17.02.06
Have heard only good things about it; never managed to catch it on TV and don't really want to splash out for the DVD.

Obsessively watching "House" at the minute; shocking enough it's on channel 5. It's the first thing I've watched regularly on that station since they stopped the Shannon Tweed-esque films on a Friday night when I was at school.

» February targets? (View)21:34 16.02.06
Got bored of Red Alert 2 once more; not really playing any games other than some casual Day of Defeat.

» need medical assistance (View)19:23 14.02.06
It's like bottie sex only different.

» need medical assistance (View)16:53 13.02.06
Stop being a girlie man and take the pain.

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