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Started by: Neo_James on 03.02.05 @ 7:45 AM
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Posted by Neo_James, 07:45 03.02.05
Obviously the big question we all wish to know is what new (or returning) units will be featured in RA3. Which new kind unit do you wish to see? If you were given the opporunity to make a new one for RA3, what would it be and what would be its abilites? Which unit do you wish to return from the pervious RA games? And which ones should never come back?

I would like to see a new type of infantry, Generals and Zero Hour gave a bit more boost for infantry usage but I would like it expanded more, maybe actually having them do certain formations, able to react to certain combat situations.

The infantry I would design would be some sort of officer on the field that gives a group of troops new abilties and he would be able to call airstrikes (but a lot better than frecking Boris Angry ). And maybe the ability to take out vechial drivers, not like Jarmel Kell, more like close quater combat.

Of course, the good old stand by untis like the Prism tank, Tesla Tank, Mammoth/Apoc tank of course (or whatever its going to be called this time).

And the unit I could do without in the next game (or that they better improve on if they do) is Boris, he sucked balls big time. Right behind him would be the Kirov, just too damn slow to be useful.

What about you guys?

Posted by bigguy563, 13:22 03.02.05
I definately want an early game advantage tank which possible for rushing. Something with the same idea of the rhino
Posted by FlaK, 14:18 03.02.05
I'd like to see a similiar tech tree to that of RA2 or YR, you know, basic units you can rush with, then more advanced units you can garrison and deploy, and finally the high tech units using Prism technology etc.
Posted by Triarii, 15:35 03.02.05
I wouldnt mind seeing the Mirage Tank make a return, always found it useful to be able to ambush people with em.
Posted by Chris, 19:43 03.02.05
We want Mammoth Tanks, we want Mammoth Tanks!!!11

And I want the Cruiser from Ra1 back...Total destruction.

Basically the uber-units Happy
Posted by Cal, 23:00 04.02.05
the cruiser was so funny...it was so innacurate it was unbeleivable...it never hit! but the splash damage from its shells was massive!
Posted by jacko3334, 02:48 05.02.05
I'll be fine with whatever they put in as long as it doesn't include:

alien technology
psychic abilities
retarded invisible things
Posted by bigguy563, 03:55 05.02.05
Wat ever happens, i also want the soviets top at least be able to put up a fight later in the game. If your facing a competant allied opponent, NOTHING you can do will be able to effectively stop the mirages, unless your Iraq and are able to do the flak track rush into the tanks thing. And if you build kirovs, he just has to pull back and make IFVs.
Posted by Chris, 12:30 05.02.05

Originally posted by Cal...
the cruiser was so funny...it was so innacurate it was unbeleivable...it never hit! but the splash damage from its shells was massive!

Hehe, yes it did, all you have to do is force fire a few cells behind or infront of the actual target. Too bad the AI never made ships or subs Unhappy I remember I made a map with 2 islands, 1 with all the AI players on it and 1 with just me on it with TONS of ore. I used to make somewhere around 50 Mammoths, then put the tanks in transports and unload all of them on the other island. EVERY AI unit would come to the place you unloaded your force to try and kill you. Those battles were so tense it almost crashed my Pentium 60 Tongue
Posted by punkdave, 10:43 06.02.05
Everything in pre-yuri RA2 should be in RA3 including the country specific units. I would like boris to be back again too.

They just need some balancing...
Posted by bigguy563, 01:40 12.02.05
From what I have played in YR, Boris isnt extremly useful. By the time you can get him, the other player would have a good amount of tanks which can take care of him. Using him in conjunction with tanks doesnt do very much. But I do agree with the whole pre-yuri RA2 thing.
Posted by bigguy563, 03:06 14.02.05

Originally posted by Cal...
the cruiser was so funny...it was so innacurate it was unbeleivable...it never hit! but the splash damage from its shells was massive!

They brought back the cruiser in mental omega. What sucks is that it is still inaccurate, yet the shells dont have massive splash damage. It can only be used against pretty big structures. Conyard, war fac etc.
Posted by HomeSkillet, 21:32 14.02.05
Who cares of its inaccurate it still kicks ass if you force fire it so that it hits its target.
Posted by sbutter, 21:42 14.02.05
Boris was hilarious. If you had the extra cash, he can entertain you for a bit.
Posted by Cal, 01:23 17.02.05
haha i loved in RA when (i think this was just on the playstation) if you built about 40 heavy tanks..it crashed Grin

Once me and a mate had a link up and turtled like fook.......left it playin as we went for dinner came back and the AI had managed to kill itself!
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