Who's Playing?
Started by: bigguy563 on 06.06.07 @ 4:25 AM
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Posted by bigguy563, 04:25 06.06.07
So who has been playing?

Posted by Spygon, 13:34 06.06.07
playing what lol Tongue yes i have been playing it
Posted by bigguy563, 17:47 06.06.07
Posted by Spygon, 18:35 06.06.07
yep ive been plaing cnc 3 online Grin
Posted by Rob, 22:53 06.06.07
Yep a few games a week here and there! Pretty good!
Posted by Paul, 19:12 08.06.07
I'm planning on getting properly into it some time in July, I would think. Which will coincide with me having the time to do it and also the funds to buy some new PC parts to make it look all spangly.

At the minute I'm busy about to graduate, working part-time to fund social stuff, and going to job interviews etc.
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 09:59 12.06.07
can somebody tell me how good this game is? im kinda short on money and i wanna know whether to get it or not
Posted by Spygon, 18:49 12.06.07
its really good definly a return for cnc Grin from the terrible generals era.So i would buy it
Posted by Cabal, 14:13 19.06.07
Not as good as Tiberian Sun was in its day, but a definate step up from the Generals shite.
Posted by Spygon, 19:39 19.06.07
Tiberian Sun is the 3rd most boring cnc ever after the generals games hated ts
Posted by bigguy563, 21:44 05.07.07
Been playing a good deal lately. I've worked my way to a 72/21 record. How everyone else doing?
Posted by Spygon, 23:02 05.07.07
im not doing too great as i now have started two new jobs one as i toy salesmen that i hate and one working for xleague a british gamming sky channel that is very cool so havent had much time to play cnc lately Unhappy
Posted by Symbology, 03:22 06.07.07
well that sucks i hope you find time it looks like you got to much work not enough time to play try to find somemore time to play more oftenUnhappy
Posted by Spygon, 12:32 06.07.07
tell me about it sym but i will try to make sometime soon to get back into cnc