Best cnc match ever?
Started by: Spygon on 11.05.07 @ 5:35 PM
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Posted by Spygon, 17:35 11.05.07
just had a random match that ended up lasting 3 hours Eek but it might be my best match in any cnc ever it showed what cnc 3 should be like every match not just 1 time in a million if anybody could write a battle report for me that would be cool as my battle reports always end up being too long and boring people.But yeah people watch and be the judge.

Posted by Rob, 17:43 11.05.07
Sounds cool but there's no way I'm watching a 3 hour replay Grin

I think you have to zip them up before using the upload form as there is some problem with the weird filenames the replays generate.
Posted by Spygon, 19:22 11.05.07
will do when i get some time