Started by: gd1s on 04.04.07 @ 4:29 PM
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Posted by gd1s, 16:29 04.04.07
I've been reading rob's cheating articles, and he praises a program called XWIF which helps to identify and avoid cheaters, yet, I can't seem to find any information on it.

I THINK I've downloaded a version of it, but I've not idea how to use it. When I try to play online with it on, my Red Alert 2 simply won't connect. Can any of you guys help?

Posted by Rob, 23:01 04.04.07
Hi mate, I think that software is years out of date now. Cheating isn't such a problem on RA2 these days because it's on a community server which is administrated far more effectively than WOL was.
Posted by gd1s, 01:52 05.04.07
Ah, ok. Thanks a lot. :-)