Nod Campaign ending - total let down
Started by: Rob on 03.04.07 @ 9:19 PM
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Posted by Rob, 21:19 03.04.07
Spygon - you were right mate. What a lot of rubbish.

A 15 second video or something and it was pretty damn boring.

I just didn't feel any sense of achievement - after spending ages on the last few missions you should get a good ending actually showing what happens instead of Kane just basically saying well done.


Posted by Spygon, 12:19 04.04.07
yeah what happened to the old major battle scene's that were at the end that showed some huge base get totalled by your forces and showing what nod did with there victory.It does seem that theres gunna be add on as the ending isnt really an ending it seems but if that even true they could of done better.
Posted by ctrlstop, 02:00 10.04.07
it wasnt just nod, the entire game, i love the others, but... i cant describe this, ive been waiting for years for this game, and i honestly feel like ive wasted a fortnight of my life,

i really sorry if you liked it but thats just my opinion and im entitled to voice it i just cant belive those shit storys all three of them,
i mean seriously how did kane get back
what happened to cabal
where did the mutants go
why the drastic shift in building designs all of nods stuff looks like plants,
which firestorm ending are we going from, if gdi why did the tiberium problem increes when they got thr tactits, if nod how did kane get out of that tube

and another thing why was the final nod mission so hard for nothing

im considering bringing this game back to the store and telling them it didnt work(which it didnt) getting my money back and forget this ever happened and waiting for red 3
Posted by Spygon, 10:27 10.04.07
i liked the story overall the only thing that pissed me off was the endings also if you look at all the info updates they tell you abouyt most of the things you spoke about.Like cabal was destoryed by GDI at the end of firestorm.The mutant nation disappeared into the red zones where nobody could really follow them and havent been seen since.I think they mentioned that GDI have the tactits and that tiberium problem has only got worse in certain areas due to probly NOD spreading it abotu and GDI not having the man power to control all the yellow zones.Also they mention that they took germany from being a red zone and turned it into a blue but it took years that i guess it would.
Posted by ctrlstop, 21:56 10.04.07

Originally posted by Spygon...if you look at all the info updates they tell you abouyt most of the things you spoke about.

Posted by Spygon, 22:45 10.04.07
you know the intel updates that you get at the top of the screen above the side bar and the more missions and optional objectives you do the more intel you get Grin
Posted by f1r3f0x, 21:18 17.04.07
well i also think that the scrin campaign was super lame...
and i also think it it a lame attempt to leave an open door for an expansion pack...
damn those corporations... all they want is to milk my cash out..
Posted by bigguy563, 04:24 29.04.07
Indeed, all three campaigns were basically left open for expansion pack possibilities. It seems that unlike other games like in the Red Alert series, all three endings seem to lead to the same point.
Posted by Deaths_Head, 06:02 14.09.07
Somehow the Nod ending didnt suprise me or disappoint me, after I beat the Nod Campaign I got the feeling that it wasnt over (not referring to the Scrin Invasion) for Kane cause I still felt that there was more to this and the real battle was yet to come.