I don't like the Scrin side
Started by: Rob on 02.04.07 @ 4:56 PM
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Posted by Rob, 16:56 02.04.07
I think there is an argument for an element of simplicity in computers games - thus preventing people from having to spend endless hours in order to become vaguely familiar with them.

In regard to C&C3, I find it annoying how the Scrin side is, from what I've played so far, very different to the other two sides and uses totally different names for all structures and so forth. Why not just call the 'Gravity Stabilizer' or whatever the hell it's called an 'MCV'?

This means it's going to take a lot longer to become familiar with all the buildings and unit (both from the point of playing with or against the Scrin).

I pretty much had the exact same issue with the introduction of Yuri's side into Yuri's Revenge; how can you balance a side so totally different. The whole success of Red Alert 2 was that you had fairly similar sides in terms of units and structures.

Any one else got an opinion on this?

Posted by Spygon, 22:10 02.04.07
i agree and disagree as the scrin side will be fav of some players as i can think of a few of my gamer mates that would use these guys really well ur be suprised even the most hated c&c sides have a few loyal followers that can be very deadly with them.Also with the 3rd side they can gamble as if they are terrible they can just drop them never to use them again and you still have two proper sides to support the game.But yeah when i was fighting scrin i had to keep looking at the game manual to figure out where to drop super weapons and air strikes lol as there buildings look nearly the same lol.Also the scrin are really powerful but so slow the othe player contructed a ion cannon so i built a load of different powerful units but by the time they crossed the map he had already fired the ion cannon and destroyed most of my base they seem to be a very unagressive side as but can hold like an area of a map really well just dont expect a quick counter strike with them as they seem to be more of a slow steamroller side
Posted by bigguy563, 04:31 29.04.07
The scrin seem to be like the allies in RA2, with GDI being the soviets, in terms of early/late advantages. The scrin have practically no answer for a predator/APC rush until they get a nerve center and get devourorer tanks. But once GDI get mammoths the Scrin seem to need a combo of tripods and aircraft.
Posted by ScorchEMD, 16:53 14.11.07
I don't think so. The Scrin are somewhat like Yuri's side in RA2 mind control, energy weapons Etc. BUT I do see your point.