ideas for ra3
Started by: tzz on 26.03.05 @ 10:27 AM
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Posted by tzz, 10:27 26.03.05
I think ra3 should continue the old history like after Yuri is deafeted the soviets might want to come for more to get America! Plus the Yuri they thought killed could still be alived! And the one they killed could be the clone, while the real one is hiding some where developing technologies. The soviets might want to go to a leftover Yuri battle lab to steal his technologies(they want most is the cloning vats). Yuri has lost lots of battle lab technologies, but Yuri still have a dream.......rule the world. Yuri Revenge 2 will be a great expansion pack.

New updates I suggest for RA3

I think there should be more teams like AA(Asian Aliance) and some African Armies should be nice, each with own campaigns, super weapons and techs.Boris, Tanya and Yuri prime price raised to 2000 for new updates.And no stealth like CNC genarals, game will be stupid.

Hero updates

Tanya can have a stronger armored and can shoot and run at the same time. Plus, she can use stealth detectors in the water to find marine units like subs.Tanya can run faster.

Boris also can have a stronger armord too. He walk faster, and now armed with machine flak canon to take down a harier easily as it pass.

Yuri Prime is already very strong, these are his updates.Anti-tank psi wave is yuri prime only way to get out of tanks if he already mind controlled something. One hit can wipe out a few flak tracks and infantry in a single hit.

If you want to tell me what you like to have in RA3, please tell me.

Posted by jacko3334, 12:51 26.03.05
I think Yuri should be scrapped entirely, it just stinks too much of C-Grade wannabe Hollywood style fiction.
Posted by tzz, 06:14 27.03.05
the answer is if Yuri is not in the history well, some CNC fans will not like it without mind control power, accept if you think Yuri technology is cheating..... Or maybe....what so ever
Posted by bigguy563, 15:10 27.03.05
Screw Yuri and let him die. I personally think mind-control was a pile of BS. And from my experiance playing YR online, most people agree with me. Almost every game I walked into didnt allow anyone to be Yuri, and if they got a Yuri MCV either to sell it or not use mind control. When your talking about teams, do you mean making different sides? Because that would mean a much longer development time and to make more than 2 campaigns would delay whats looking like what could be already a very delayed release due to all the staff members leaving.
Posted by Neo_James, 06:22 29.03.05
Or a game that won't come out at all Unhappy .
Posted by Cal, 17:28 29.03.05
aye mind control was a total load of shite. I think Ra2 had a good balance of realism and a bit futureistic, in the form of mind controled squids etc....not to much but enough.
Posted by Radiation, 22:13 01.04.05
yh too much mind control dosent fit in properley to the game at all. movin on, ideas 4 RA3, perhaps some kind of shotgun trooper style thing. Or another country for the soviets, seeing as they only have 4, allies have 5. also an APC thing that is very slow, can carry like 12 men, and has really thick armour and a lamo gun. (so basically all it is gud for is transportation)
Posted by bigguy563, 23:26 01.04.05
That kind of APC wouldnt really be useful if its slow because the idea of the APC is to get infantry to far points of the map quickly. But, Both sides should have some sort of cheap unit that transports at least 5. The IFV was undoubtably useful, but it could only take 1 guy meaning basically if I want infantry across the map I would either have to walk them over which would take forever, or build lots of IFVs, which would cost too much.
Posted by Radiation, 18:33 02.04.05
yh i suppose gud point. anyways, how about some chain gun guy 4 the soviets thats quite slow, and cant attack till u deploy him, then his gun has average range, very powerful, and can even hit aircraft. But it would have 2 be quite espensive to trainUnhappy . Or a transport thing that can carry 5 men and can dig underground, and infiltrate the enemy base. Eg. build like 5 filled with engineers and pop up in their base and take it over lolGrin
Posted by AUTO, 21:03 06.04.05
The oline RA3 should also have special lobbies for high ranking playas.Grin You know for generals.
Posted by bigguy563, 22:28 06.04.05
That certainly could help prevent games that really arent fun for either player, like top ten players against total newbies. (no offense)
Posted by tzz, 07:36 21.04.05
Have you heard of mental omega?? this mod can really balnce yuri's units with the other teams like his psychic tower shoots lasers not mind control.
Posted by Robby, 21:19 02.05.05
Tanya and Boris (and any new hero's) should be cloaked when not firing,HOWEVER, can be seen if ANY UNIT comes too you can put Tanya at the back of your base when not needed and she cant be targeted by snipers.

Tanya: Same abilities as RA2 but stronger armour and faster except she can Capture Buildings(but a bit slower than Black Lotus as she is tooo fast)
Boris: Automatic Sniper Rifle, MIG Strike and Mines.

Storyline: Would love to see an intro from Kane near the end of the game where he could possibly steal a chronosphere and return to the first war betwwen Allies and Soviets , which would explain his appearence at the end of the soviet campaign in RA1)

Hope that the actors all return from RA2, except Romanov and Yuri. I reckon a new leadership for soviets again.The Budget for Live Acting should be highered and should be realy cool, Hope Kari Wuhrer who played Tanya comes back as she was really good.

Weapons and Units:
I would like to see the Chronosphere and Iron Curtain become more effective.

I also would like a system of updates to get super weapons.Ie. a new superweapon is introduced to each side but when fighting you can only purchase 2. Maybe the Ion Cannon should be brought in?

MIGS MIGS MIGS!: the soviets need to have Migs END OF STORY

The allies should have a nice selection of planes 3 or 4 like Generals.

I would also like to see the return of purchasing updates like scorpion rockets, Arm the mob, nuclear tanks etc. from Generals.
Posted by bigguy563, 03:34 03.05.05
The soviets have migs in MO in addition to the yak, which appears to fire flak but does some damage to buildings. Heck, even yuri gets a plane which shoots starbursts or something like that.
Posted by tzz, 17:43 04.05.05
you know GEN ??? RA3 should have upgrdes...
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