How can we integrate this forum successfully?
Started by: Paul on 27.12.04 @ 3:13 PM
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Posted by Paul, 15:13 27.12.04
In terms of replays, and stuff. Do you want the ability to upload like on vB? Or perhaps we could set up an uploader on the site, and you could link to it from here.

Other ideas also welcome.

Posted by hydrvs, 06:49 10.01.05
uploading here would be easier, but i think there should be a subsession for the replays, one for strategy, one for clans, and a misc one
Posted by shufty, 07:14 13.01.05
Best way would be to upload them to their own section and, similarly to the news system, have a forum comments section for the replays too. Would also be good to have a sysnopsis of the replay posted in the replay comments section. Browsing the comments on the forums gives a brief outline of the replay, but a link to the main replay info page where a more detailed description and a thumbnail may be. I dunno, i'll quit rambling now Tongue
Posted by Rob, 11:44 13.01.05
I like that idea more than having them in the actual forum. They are files after all, not forum threads.
Posted by Paul, 13:37 13.01.05
Yeah. Having them exist in the current files database with their own comments thread automatically being generated sounds like the best idea. Similar to the maps at the moment.
Posted by [BBF]Conflict, 17:00 24.01.05
Maybe you culd zip up the replay and post it as a zip file then play it out.
Posted by BBF_hydrvs, 15:46 15.02.05
also make sure that there are instructions, most people don;t know how to put work replays properly