News: Bliztkerig II and The Finest Hour Become one
Started by: FlaK on 17.02.05 @ 10:05 PM
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Posted by FlaK, 22:05 17.02.05
Blitzkrieg 2* Happy

Posted by Rob, 23:12 17.02.05
Good spot. Edited the news post to fix the spelling error. Doesn't update the thread though.
Posted by FlaK, 23:52 17.02.05
It's still wrong... Tongue
Posted by Neo_James, 09:36 18.02.05
Heh, ok, I fixed it myself since it was my post. Grin
Posted by FlaK, 22:26 18.02.05
Still wrong. It should be Blitzkrieg, not Bliztkrieg. Happy
Posted by Neo_James, 22:32 18.02.05
Alrighty, are you happy flak? Happy
Posted by FlaK, 03:21 19.02.05
Lol, yes.

Sorry to be picky, I just like to see things perfect. Tongue
Posted by Neo_James, 04:32 19.02.05
Its cool my friend, there is nothing wrong with that Grin .