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Started by: bigguy563 on 16.02.05 @ 12:01 AM
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Posted by bigguy563, 00:01 16.02.05
If people like lots of news then they must be very glad i didnt get the job.

Posted by Banshee, 03:29 16.02.05
I like your round up. Just a note:

Project Perfect Mod has updated thier site with some ingame pictures.

- These pictures are screenshots of the upcomming Return Of The Dawn 2.4.
Posted by Ash, 11:12 16.02.05
Put that in for you.
Posted by erikmcfar, 20:18 16.02.05
Jeremy, that is sub-standard work, only a full screen of news updates? Slacker.. [/sarcasm]
Posted by FlaK, 21:06 16.02.05
Good job, but my news still hasn't been posted. Embarassed

Posted by Jeremy, 21:12 16.02.05
What news is that Flak? Post a link and I will gladly add it and do my best to make sure it gets in the next time i do a news post.
Posted by FlaK, 23:42 16.02.05
Don't worry, it's months old now.
Posted by Niels, 00:30 17.02.05
Wooooow... nice job Jeremy Eek
Posted by Banshee, 02:50 17.02.05

Originally posted by Ash...
Put that in for you.

Thanks Ash. Btw, Return of The Dawn 2.4 has been released! Happy. Check it out, people, it's a very cool mod!
Posted by Jeremy, 02:51 17.02.05
A man with the internet and spare time can accomplish much. Grin
Posted by Triarii, 16:32 17.02.05
Possibly one of the longest news posts ive seen.
Posted by FlaK, 17:21 17.02.05
It is very good yes, but nothing on Uni's latest round up on CnC:U...

Posted by Neo_James, 23:51 17.02.05
That's a spicy news post Grin .