News: New ZH Patch in the works?
Started by: Neo_James on 08.02.05 @ 12:04 AM
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Posted by Neo_James, 00:04 08.02.05
Hmmm, interesting post. Perhaps EA is trying to redem themselves a bit before the release of RA3 and start doing some good for the community. As you said though, we shall see. Here's hoping!!

Posted by Rob, 10:56 08.02.05
That's a good point. May well be the case. If they do announce RA3 officially in the week or two after the patch release, then it's probably true.

Good marketing strategy to be fair.
Posted by Ash, 16:12 08.02.05
Shame they won't do it for the reason of supporting the players, instead it's as a way to market a new game. "On the back of another patch for ZH, EA announce..."

Why has there been such a delay?
Posted by Smrt133, 14:46 09.02.05
the patch will just add a preview video for RA3 Wink
Posted by bigguy563, 02:53 10.02.05
So the only thing this patch is doing is giving us a preview for RA3? I might try it. it'll be the first thing i do with gen or ZH in a looooooong time.