i wonder if this site and rob will be back again once red alert 3 comes out give me your thoughts on
Started by: DarkSymbology on 20.02.08 @ 3:19 AM
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Posted by DarkSymbology, 03:19 20.02.08
i do hope this site picks up again once red alert 3 comes out that would be awsome so give me your thoughts on the matterTongue

Posted by Spygon, 13:04 20.02.08
so do i but as we seem to have to run the site without an admins to help us it looks like its going be hard i wounder if the usual guys that hang around here could make our own site at least then we could update news and bring new members to a site.It would be so much easier if an admin came back or at least a few of us were given admins controls as im sure a few of us have been here long enough to prove that we are not going to screw it up then we could maybe bring this site back from the dead but i doubt the admins even look in on this site any more let alone really care what happens to it sadly so it seems this site is cursed to have a low activity forever that is a shame with how much time and effort people have put into it
Posted by ScorchEMD, 15:10 20.02.08
I know what you mean Spygon. In my opinion, this is getting utterly rediculious. Yes, it is Robs site so that means that he should be on AT LEAST two to five times a week and active for f*^$s sake. You know what I mean, right?Unhappy
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 20:14 20.02.08
Spygon, Havoc, get a hold of yourselves!

this still gets heaps of views by guests. You guys are getting too concerned about this site. Its not gonna die because only 1 member is on at a time. If Rob were to give the most experienced and longest online members, not looking at myself because of my argumentative past with Paul I think it was, Rob would do it if he KNEW he would not be here anymore. This site will never close down for this site is such a valuable resource to so many people who play CNC. Every member has contributed to this site, whether its criticizing on Battle Reports, getting the latest scoops on new games & patches, map making tips and technical problems. No need to worry.
Posted by ScorchEMD, 20:53 20.02.08
Tsunami you have a point there. A good one at that but...ah hell you are right in my eyes.
Posted by Spygon, 21:02 20.02.08
i agree with you Tsunami but when we are posting news up including all the details years before they get put up on the news page and the forums being not overseen so we cant ask any questions about the site also if a group of spammers found this site it would be total choas.Also the rest of the site needs updating as the tatics and battle reports are totaly out of date also the skin downloads dont work anymore.On top of this all the other bits like unit and campaign info is two games out of date.So this site sadly needs fixing and theres only like 4 of us really posting on the forums.So i just dont know how this site isnt eventually going to sink into nothing.
Posted by ScorchEMD, 15:39 21.02.08
He does have a point Tsunami. You know that, don't you?Unhappy
Posted by Rob, 22:00 21.02.08
I find some of the comments in this thread disrespectful to be honest. I don't have any 'obligation' to spend time working on this site. I spent countless hours creating the website and a strong community several years ago, when I had time.

Unfortunately, as is the case with real life, I don't have the time I once had. I have other obligations and commitments which prevent me from spending much time here. The other main reason why I'm not about much is because I don't play the games anymore - I always said I didn't like fansites created by people who didn't play the games properly, and I still stand by that. I'm not going to devote endless hours talking about something I don't properly understand.

The idea of passing control on could be explored in the future, but I don't have much idea of who is who anymore - hence I would be reluctant to just pass over the steering wheel. In the meantime, the forum still works perfectly and there is an attachments system - there is nothing to stop you from creating threads which serve as articles or downloads. I could create more emphasis on the forum if people were to do this.

I am glad to see people are still posting though, the site does have some very valuable content but admittedly for games pre-Generals.
Posted by Spygon, 23:10 21.02.08
Hi rob there was no disrespect intended i know that you dont play the games much anymore sadly and that you have a life that takes up most of your time so i do understand why you dont come on the site that much anymore.My comments are all based on what i see and i see what you said a great site that i wouldnt like to go to waste as i know you have put alot of time and effort into it but it hasnt been updated so any games in the last 5 years etc zero hour,cnc 3 TW,Kains wrath and Red alert 3 have no real content and without any content to work with its hard to produce threads that go anywhere.So sometimes i feel that some of the gamers that post on this site have so much experince and knowledge of the whole command and conquer uni mixed with no one updating the site sometimes seems a large waste.I am sorry for any disrespect as im a huge fan of what you did for the cnc community ingame and the website.So its your site mate and you can do what you want with it as i was commenting on what i wish could happen but totaly understand that you dont want to throw it away.
Posted by AsgarothXc, 05:44 22.02.08
I have been trying to add my clan for days now. There's like some kind of an error. I posted about it already once. Is there anyone who can help?
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 05:47 22.02.08

Looks like we have quite a bit to update on this site, so why dont we all get to work, ey?
Posted by ScorchEMD, 13:06 22.02.08
I'm with you there Tsunami. But, I've noticed NO differences on the server change.
Posted by Apocalypse_Tank, 01:38 23.02.08
neither have I, but u dont see me complaining.

Rob, can I have the job of updating the RA3 section? please, if not, thats fine, assign me to some other job if ya want.
Posted by Spygon, 08:36 23.02.08
Yeh i think it was more an engine upgrade on the server move as it seems to be abit more fluid so did i miss something or are we aloud to try and impress rob with our news and articles and if he thinks there good hes going to add them properly to the site as im confused
Posted by ScorchEMD, 22:47 23.02.08
I think it is time to impress, introduce, and provide shock and awe to new content. For those Generals fans I got a mod for you go to www.moddb.com/mods/6301/campc-shockwave and download it. You won't be dissapointed. Grin