News: Mental Omage Mod
Started by: Smrt133 on 03.02.05 @ 9:54 PM
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Posted by Smrt133, 21:54 03.02.05
Mental Omega not Omage Happy

Posted by Rob, 22:00 03.02.05
The phrase 'Schoolboy error' could never be more appropriate!
Posted by Neo_James, 00:11 04.02.05
Hehe, schoolboy error, very clever. Grin I just downloaded this mod, its pretty sweet, and the AI is sick! Even on easy its a challenge. Btw Rob, got your PM and I sent you a reply, but in case you don't see it, added you to MSN. Hope to speak with you soon.
Posted by bigguy563, 16:00 05.02.05
A very well done mod... Although theres nothing wrong with good AI, I think the easy enemy should be toned down. I couldnt get a real feel for the game because I was constantly under attack and had no time to experiment.