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What type of forum is this?
This forum was coded in-house (by ourselves), as such it doesn't really have a name. Its author is Robert Bethell (also known as Rob).

What languages does it use?
PHP is the language used to carry out commands, whilst information is stored in MySQL databases. HTML is used for presentation. Obviously.

Where did you get those little forum icons from?
They were created (by the one and only) Rob. As such, they are the site's property and they may, under no circumstances, be used on any other website or, for that matter, any other means.

Do you set any cookies? What are they?
Yes, we set one. They are small pieces of data that store information on your hard-drive. This information lets us know when you last visited the board so as you have the options of viewing new posts since your last visit.

How do I view new posts since my last visit?
Every time you visit the forum index, we record the time that you did so. A link called 'View New Posts' appears in the navigation box. Make sure you open this (assuming you want to use it) before you start browsing the forum and end up on the index again.

Can I use Bulletin Board Code on the board?
Yes, there is a selection of BB Code for your use. More information.

How come my HTML doesn't appear in my post?
HTML will not appear in any of your posts (but do go ahead and try). This is a measure designed to stop the minority who think its funny forwarding unsuspecting 8 year olds to gay porn, et cetera.

What's the score on images and attachments?
Inline images are not allowed, this is to help preserve the layout of the forum and maintain good loading speeds. Multiple attachments may be added to your posts. There is a limit of 3mb per attachment and they must remain relevant to the discussion or they will be removed.

How come I can't make new threads in the Comments Forum?
You cannot create your own threads in this forum. You have to visit the item (e.g. a file's individual page) and then click on the comments link at the bottom in order to create that thread.

How are clan forums integrated into the forum?
The CNCSeries.Com Clan System offers clans the chance to create and control their own forum section. However, we realise that integrating them fully with features such as 'View New Posts' is not something desired by users who aren't clan members. To this end, clan forums (apart from your own) will be ignored when viewing new posts and in the 'Last 5 Posts In' information box. All clan forums (which are not private) are listed at the bottom of the forum index page. Clan administrators may choose to disable posting for non-clan members.

How do I select an avatar?
You can find the avatar selection page via your My CNCSeries area. You may also create a custom avatar.

How do I create a custom title?
Once you have at least 100 posts, you may create your custom title via the edit profile page in the My CNCSeries area.

How do I gain reputation points?
The reputation points system is designed to help display who the site's most active and valuable members are - the higher your reputation, the higher your reputation rank will be. Your reputatation bar will also grow longer. There is no limit to the amount of 'reps' [points] you can receive. Administrators may award or deduct reps for positive contributions or bad behaviour. You may achieve reps by doing the following:

  • Forum Post: 1 rep
  • Forum Thread: 2 reps
  • Battle Report: 5 reps
  • Referring Member: 10 reps
  • Contributing File: 10 reps
All members reputation points have been calculated from before the system was implemented - so you won't miss out on any. If you abuse the system by posting spam for example, then your posts will be deleted and your reputation points will be deducted. Furthermore, you will probably be banned.

You can see how many reps a member has by hovering your mouse over their reps bar in their forum posts. Members may also be rewarded rep points for participating in site events or making other contributions - this is at the discretion of the administrators.

Item Legend

Lifetime Member Lifetime Member
To receive this medal (which may only be awarded by Rob), you must be an active and valuable members of the site for a period of at least a few years. This is the ultimate recognition of being a respected member.

Battle Report Author Recognised Battle Report Author
All members who are deemed to have written an excellent and informative collection of battle reports will be awarded this medal.

Site Champion Site Champion
This unique medal is awarded to whoever is the current site champion. Our tournaments are usually played on Red Alert 2.

Founder CNCSeries.Com Founder
A medal indicating the founder of the website (Rob).

Administrator CNCSeries.Com Administrator
One of the site's administrators, who have full access privileges and the right to take action against members if necessary.

Staff Member CNCSeries.Com Staff Member
A CNCSeries.Com staff member. All staff members are also forum moderators.

Major Post Rank: Major (500+ posts)
Sergeant Post Rank: Sergeant (300-499 posts)
Major Post Rank: Corporal (100-299 posts)
Major Post Rank: Private (0-99 posts)

Major Reputation: 5 Stars (1000+ reps)
Sergeant Reputation: 4 Stars (750-999 reps)
Major Reputation: 3 Stars (500-749 reps)
Major Reputation: 2 Stars (250-499 reps)
Major Reputation: 1 Star (0-250 reps)

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