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cncgamingsourceIconWere Back Soon....11:43 19.05.07 

 Reps: 68

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*Heads Up*

Were almost back CNCGS was hosted on the s2 server wich went down were now moved after about 1,5 week downtime to s1.

I and the host have planned to work more to gether on the making of the new site.
What you can expect is a combination of Joomla (as homepage) and SMF (forum) and we will have a skinner do the skinning (lol) [thumb]

I hope 2 enabled that people can upload stuff such as scripts, maps en more stuff like these site shouldnt be up in a couple of days and from there on we will be buildig up the design.


We will be providing mod hosting if correct when its up.
I will be open for costum userbar request on the forums.
And will put up not alone C&C userbars on the site and forums but also other stuff...

...i really hope to see you guys soon [thumb]

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