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SpygonIconBest cnc match ever?17:35 11.05.07 

Defence Specialist

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17:35 11.05.07 - Edited

just had a random match that ended up lasting 3 hours Eek but it might be my best match in any cnc ever it showed what cnc 3 should be like every match not just 1 time in a million if anybody could write a battle report for me that would be cool as my battle reports always end up being too long and boring people.But yeah people watch and be the judge.
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RobIcon...17:43 11.05.07 


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Sounds cool but there's no way I'm watching a 3 hour replay Grin

I think you have to zip them up before using the upload form as there is some problem with the weird filenames the replays generate.
SpygonIcon...19:22 11.05.07 

Defence Specialist

 Reps: 478

#1127, 404 Posts

13:28 19.05.07 - Edited

will do when i get some time

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