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SpygonIconNews: Do EA have their priorities right?20:31 25.04.07 

Defence Specialist

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so have EA killed the cnc cut off there cnc fanbase by instead of what we were scared of them doing bringing out a bad game to follow another bad game (generals) instead they have shot themselves in the foot by screwing over the players by rushing the game and then not helping them out.This does not look good for the cnc fanbase this would have never happened if it was still owned by westwood Angry.
SymbologyIcon...23:40 25.04.07 

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Don't worry i hear ya i know what you mean there alot of things wrong and there is stuff thats awsome but its stupid bugs that are plaging the online world and that pisses everybody off they should of not rushed it therefore its a total waste and thats pretty pathetic and not to mention stupid of them to do thatAngry

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