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jacko3334IconBattle Report: if10aty0u Vs. no0bish15:28 09.02.06 

 Reps: 509

#51, 281 Posts

the alternative to doing what I did is to sit back and rely on making superweapons, using the easily defensible bridge access to your base as an effective form of protection.

However, the downside of this is granting your opponent almost total map control and limiting your chances of expansion.
ChrisIcon...15:31 09.02.06 

CNCS Site Champion

 Reps: 601

#53, 312 Posts

Island position on DC is highly underestimated. I had immense troubles keeping a half decent sov at bay when I was America, positioned in the top right. He tried a sort of rush and pushed with tanks all the way. His early outnumbering made me lose a miner but I luckily held in there. My para fodder came JUST in time to hold him off, otherwise it would have been a loss on my account.
jacko3334Icon...15:32 09.02.06 

 Reps: 509

#51, 281 Posts

That's true. I think it's in some way due to the top right position having to spend quite a bit initially to get the outpost+airport, and also the gems aren't as easily accessible as the ones at the bottom.

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